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Singer BoA, Mnet’s “STREET MAN FIGHTER” Rating Damaged By “Instaterrorism”

Singer BoA, Mnet

Singer BoA, Mnet “STREET MAN FIGHTER” damaged by “instaterrorism” during review (Image provided by: wowkorea)

Korean Mnet’s male dance survival program “STREET MAN FIGHTER” has come under fire from singer BoA, who is a judge, after the winning contestants’ team dropped out.

Mnet’s “STREET MAN FIGHTER” broadcast on the 20th decided the first team to drop out. Unfortunately, PRIME KINGZ, who had been one of the favorites to win the tournament, was eliminated.

That day, TRIX from “PRIME KINGZ” faced off against J-ROC in a battle with “BankTwoBrothers.” In the leader’s showdown, after a rematch, TRIX’s loss was decided. After that, the final elimination of “PRIME KINGZ” was decided in the ensuing clash.

On the other hand, some fans are unhappy with the result and continue to write protests on BoA’s Instagram.

Fans said, “Give me back PRIME KINGZ. It hurts my heart to see TRIX cry”, “I want the judgment done right”, “This is the worst judgment” and “This is the first time I write something like this to a celebrity, “Isn’t it a bit of a shame?”, “Even my family, who didn’t know me well, were surprised by the result of the leader battle” , “Dear BoA, did you really have to do this? This is an outrageous review,” he said angrily.

Additionally, netizens who saw this commented, “I wish I could see the program as a program”, “What do you think you do so much?” There are times when I think, hmm?, but that’s crossing the line into posting on personal Instagram.”

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