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Snow Man’s second album “Snow Labo. S2” was finally released today, along with the national tour “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2022 Labo”. At Real Sound, based on “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania” (hereinafter “Mania”), which was held last year and released as a video work in May this year, a series to short term focused on the individuality and performance of each It is deployed. The seventh installment will focus on Ren Meguro. (Editorial Department)

“Mania” points in Ren Meguro’s performance

There are people in the world who are called “there are flowers”. Then when we think of what constitutes that “brilliance”, it is an innate thing like style, facial features, and charming nature, and an acquired thing like hairstyle, fashion, demeanor, and charm. things you can see.

Meguro, who is 185cm tall, has a handsome face and black techno cut hair is his trademark. When he first appeared on the cover of “FINEBOYS” fashion magazine, the official website crashed within 10 seconds. He starred alongside Shunsuke Michieda (Naniwa Danshi), and the drama “Katata Hatsukoi” that aired during the performance of “Mania” became a big topic. Even within the year, NHK’s serial novel ‘Maiagare!’, Fuji TV’s Thursday Theater ‘silent’ and the movie ‘Moon Phases’ were announced one after another, and fans were been surprised by the number of appearances and the fuss Even if you don’t care about idols or Johnny, there must be more than a few people who saw Meguro in a drama and got interested in Snow Man because This number is expected to increase further from October to the end of the year. The strength of Snow Man is that each member demonstrates their individuality and is active in a wide range of areas, I don’t think.

Looking at his accomplishments side by side like this, it seems like he was a person who lived in a dazzling light. However, in fact, it overcame many difficulties in its history before its debut. The techno-cut black hair, now a trademark, is also Meguro’s invention to find a way out of frustration.

Innate charm is not something that can be acquired by trying to get it. That is why the attractiveness acquired in nature, including the effort to acquire it, polishes and shines the human part of the person. The reason why new fans are kept in Meguro himself or in the group is because when you walk through the door, you will see the charm of the human side.

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