Son ‘dropped dead from US plane’: Families say tough take-off in Afghanistan pullout – BBC News BBC Homepage

His son “fell dead from an American military plane”

(WARNING: Contains offensive images)

After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last August, US forces rushed to withdraw from the country. Thousands of Afghans desperate to escape Taliban control clung to a US military plane taking off from Kabul airport. The sight shook the world.

People fell from the plane which took off and lost their lives. On the ground, several cameras captured people falling from the sky.

BBC Pashto reporter Yama Bariz visited a family outside Kabul.

The man said his son, Fida, died that day after falling from a US military plane. Fida’s death could have been prevented and the bereaved family demands justice.

Journalist: Yama Bariz

Camera/editing: Marek Polatzewski

Producer: Kaoon Kamoush

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