[THE MATCH 2022]All-Match Videos Released “Tenshin Nasukawa vs. Takeru is too hot to be release”, as Takeru heads to New York for a fresh start (Gong Martial Arts) – Yahoo! News

[Photo]Tenshin Nasukawa vs. YA-MAN, the second most popular after Takeru vs. Ryusei AshizawaThe tournament was broadcast live on ABEMA’s PPV, and a documentary program was broadcast on Tokyo MX, etc., but the video release was long awaited by fans. The main event, Nasukawa vs. Takeru, has been viewed 401,919 times on RIZIN official, 45,088 times on K-1 official, and 18,548 times on RISE official (as of 11:30 a.m. on the 21st), and YA-MAN vs. Ashizawa Ryusei has 133 877 views on official K-1 and 30,881 views on official RISE. In addition, Hiroshi Nakamura vs. Leona Pettas is also popular with RISE Officials 16,978 times, K-1 Official 22,371 times, Daiju Shiratori vs. Gonnapa Wirasakrek, Yudai Uchida vs. Mahmoud Sattari, Kousei Yamada vs. Rukiya Abo increases the number of views. Tenshin Nasukawa said on his SNS, “THE MATCH Tenshin Nasukawa vs. Takeru, it’s too hot to release,” and was excited that more people could see this “decisive battle of the century” again and again. On the other hand, Takeru left for America on September 19. It seems that there will be a filming program for ABEMA in New York, “I will start various jobs”, but I will start training from the day I arrive. On the 21st, he posted a video of his glove shot, saying, “Between shoots I’ve been training at ultimategym NYC. I’m starting to punch my right fist!” He also performs forehand and elbow strikes with his operated right fist.

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