The movie “One Piece Film Red” surpassed 15 billion yen in box office receipts in 46 days after its release! Uta visual exceeding 15 billion yen by Eiichiro Oda original is also released | for the latest gaming and entertainment information

September 21, 2022, the movie”FILM ONE PIECE REDIt was announced that box office revenue exceeded 15 billion yen 46 days after its release. Additionally, on September 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) which is the 7th week of release, it won 1st place in the box office weekend chart for 7 consecutive weeks. In commemoration of this record, by the original Eiichiro Oda15 billion yen commemorative Uta visual breakthroughhas been published.

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Below is a quote from the press release

“ONE PIECE FILM RED” presented by General Producer Eiichiro Oda No. 1 at the weekend box office for 7 consecutive weeks! No. 1 in box office receipts published in 2022! Also, Eiichiro Oda’s 15 billion Uta visual has arrived! The whole world is interested in FILM RED which continues to progress rapidly!

The super popular “Weekly Shonen Jump” comic book series began serialization in 1997.A PLAY](Eiichiro Oda / published by Shueisha). The cumulative global circulation of comics has surpassed the all-time high of “500 million copies”, the book has passed the milestone of “100 volumes” (as of September 21, 103 volumes have been published), and television animation reached the “1000 episodes” breakthrough. The serialization celebrated its 25th anniversary in July this year and has finally entered the final chapter. A raging “OP festival” such as the original, animation, and movies is unfolding. We show an unprecedented effervescence!
Released August 6 (Sat)”FILM ONE PIECE RED]has been visited by many customers since the release date, and the opening work in 2022 has been mobilized for two weekends and on Saturdays and Sundays, registering a big starting blow that will be No. 1 in revenue in box office. In addition, the box office receipts exceeded 10 billion yen on the 20th day of release, and the number of people mobilized exceeded 10 million on the 38th day, and since then it has continued to break records. .

And this time, the box office revenue exceeded 15 billion yen in 46 days after the release!

The release date was August 6 (Saturday), and the number of mobilizations on 6 (Saturday) and 7 (Sunday) was 1.57 million people, and the box office receipts exceeded 2.25 billion yen. Even after the end of the summer holidays, the momentum did not slow down and continued to break records. And on August 25 (Thursday), the 20th day after release, box office receipts topped 10 billion yen.
Even after the end of the summer vacation, many people watched the movie, and the box office revenue exceeded 15 billion yen in 46 days! On September 17 (Sat) and 18 (Sun) – the 7th week of release – we’ll be dropping the number of new releases and winning the No. 1 spot in the weekend box office chart for 7 consecutive weeks! This excitement will continue!
In commemoration of this record, the original Eiichiro Oda released a commemorative Uta Visual that exceeded 15 billion yen!

The other day, from September 17 (Saturday), the 4th visitor gift “ONE PIECE” BD volume 4 billion “RED” again is distributed nationwide with a limit of 2 million copies! In addition, from October 1 (Saturday), the distribution of gifts for the 5th visitor has been decided, and expectations for future records will increase.
And the music scene is still breaking records! The theme song of this work “New era(song provided by Yasutaka Nakata) won the No. 1 spot on the Oricon Weekly Digital Chart on September 19 (Monday) for 6 consecutive weeks for the first time this year. Also, even in the streaming ranking, the theme song of this work and the song of the play monopolize the TOP4.RED FILM]is only getting bigger!
Already released in France, the opening mobilization of the No. 1 Japanese animation of all time, and in Taiwan, the Japanese animated film of 2022 recorded the No. 1 in box office receipts from the first day, and continues to progress rapidly all over the world. world. At the end of September this month, it will be released in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Singapore, and in November, it will be released in North America.

Box office results of “ONE PIECE FILM RED”

Box office performance in 46 days after release

  • Number of people mobilized: 10,764,822
  • Box office receipts: 15,006,006,950 yen

Number of broadcast rooms: 500 screens nationwide (IMAX: 38 scr 4D: 80 scr DOLBY CINEMA: 7 scr)

Box Office Trends (* Only Toei announcements are summarized)

  • 8/8 (Monday) Announcement: Opening results: 1.57 million people mobilized, box office receipts 2.25 billion yen, opening work in 2022 mobilized for 2 days on weekends, no. 1 of box office receipts
  • 8/13 (Sat) Announcement at the event: With the first screening on 13 (Sat), 3.6 million people attended, box office receipts exceeded 5 billion yen
  • 08/16 (Monday) Announcement: Number of people mobilized in 10 days: 5.05 million people, Box office receipts: Exceeded 7 billion yen

* Break the series record

  • 08/18 (Thursday) Announcement at the event: 5.7 million people mobilized in 13 days after release, box office revenue exceeded 8 billion yen
  • 8/22 (Monday) Announcement: 6.65 million people mobilized in 16 days after release, box office revenue exceeded 9.2 billion yen
  • Announced on 8/26 (Fri): 7.2 million people mobilized in 20 days after release, box office revenue exceeded 10 billion yen
  • 9/1 (Thursday) Event Announcement: 8.6 Million People Mobilized in 26 Days After Release, Box Office Revenue Surpassed 12 Billion Yen

≪Reference works≫Opened in 2012『ONE PIECE FILM Z]Box office: 6.87 billion

  • Announced on September 13 (Tuesday): 10 million people mobilized in 38 days after the release, box office receipts exceeded 13.9 billion yen

4th visitor gift

“ONE PIECE” BD – Volume 4 billion “RED” – Encore

  • A total of 2 million copies nationwide
  • Distributed from Saturday, September 17

* The number is limited according to the theaters. It will end as soon as he leaves.
* Even if a person buys several reserved places for the same session, only one bonus will be granted per spectator.

Job Information

  • Release date: Saturday, August 6, 2022
  • Original/General Producer: Eiichiro Oda (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump”)
  • Director: Goro Taniguchi Screenplay: Tsutomu Kuroiwa Music: Yasutaka Nakata Character Design/Chief Animation Director: Masamasa Sato Art Director/Director Art: Hiroshi Kato
    Color design: Sayoko Yokoyama CG direction: Kentaro Kawasaki Director of photography: Tsunetaka Ema Production manager: Tomoya Yoshida
    Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Otani, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao, Cho, Katsutoshi Houki
    Kaori Nazuka Ado Kenjiro Tsuda Shuichi Ikeda
    Yuki Yamada Marbled Meisei
  • Theme Song: “New Era (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)” Teen (Universal Music)
  • Song of the play Music provided by: Yasutaka Nakata Ms. GREEN APPLE Vaundy FAKE TYPE Hiroyuki Sawano Yuta Orisaka Motohiro Hata
  • Broadcast: Toei
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