The release date of “Ichiban Kuji Pokémon Mimikkyu’s Cafe Time” has been decided! Presentation of the complete range (Impress Watch)

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■ Range overview This product is the most lottery with the pattern of Pokemon Mimikyu which appears in “Pocket Monsters”. Mimikyu cafe items are lined up. There are prices A to H and the last price. □ Price One “Mimikyu plush” ・1 type ・Size: about 30cm Soft and soft Mimikyu plush. □ Price B “Coffee Tea Server” ・Type 1 ・Size: about 14cm A coffee tea server with a simple one-point design that is easy to use. It supports both HOT and ICE and can be widely used as a beverage server for coffee, tea, lemonade, etc. A coffee dripper is included. □ Price C “Fluffy Jacquard Blanket” ・1 type ・Size: approx. Soft and plush to the touch. It can also be used on your lap or shoulder during coffee time. □ Price D “Tote bag” ・1 type ・Size: about 30cm A perfect tote bag for coffee time and lunch time. Made of durable cotton, it has easy-to-use specifications. The design is full of Pokemon that appear in this themed art. □ Price E “Mug Cup” ・2 kinds in total ・Size: about 9cm A coffee cup with a cute round shape. Green with a simple design and pink with a nice design. You can choose your favorite assortment. □ Set F “Tableware” ・5 types in total ・Size: Plate approx. 9cm / Casserole approx. 7cm / Spoon approx. 12.5cm You can choose what you like from a plate, a casserole or a spoon. □ Price G “Jacquard Hand Towel” ・4 types ・Size: approx. Towels are jacquard weave, easy to use cotton. □ H Prize “Acrylic Charm” ・10 types ・Size: approx. It can also be attached to Prize D tote bag. □Last Prize “Mimikyu Plushie ~Last One ver.~” Size: approx. eng. *Please check the number of lotteries remaining at the store. ©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV Tokyo・ShoPro・JR Kikaku ©Pokémon

GAME watch, Takayuki Midori (Craful)

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