This is how Jien saw Tokimasa’s “Kamakura-dono 13” and Riku’s rebellion plan “the Maki clan incident”. Preparation of the 37th program “Ombele Bun Bimba” | Entertainment History & Culture – Japaaaan

He was a model samurai due to his ambition to take over the land of Musashi.Shigetada Hatakeyama(played by Taishi Nakagawa) and others were falsely accused of rebellion and eliminated the Hatakeyama clan.Hojo Tokimasa(Played by: Bando Yajuro).

However, the rebellion of the vassals increased due to the excessively forced method, and eventually my child,Hojo Yoshitoki(Interpreter: Shun Oguri) will be forced to retire.

Tokimasa, who is not interested in being removed from the center of government in Kamakura,ground(act: Rie Miyazawa. Maki) gets tempted by her son-in-lawTomomasa Hiraga(played by Takashi Yamanaka) should be transported to the next Kamakura-dono.

To this end, the current Kamakura-donoMinamoto Sanetomo(played by Hayato Kakizawa) must be eliminated. Will Tokimasa end up losing his grandson?

NHK Taiga Drama”13 of Kamakura-donoThe 37“Onvereven Bimba‘ is about to air.

There are various theories about the meaning of the mysterious subtitle, but there’s no doubt that it involves a confrontation between Hojo and his son.

So far “Azuma Kagami』『Chronicle HoryakuTokimasa’s coup plan”The Mr. Maki Incident“, this time “silly copy]introduced.authorsCharityLet’s see how (played by Koichi Yamadera) viewed the riot that broke out in Kamakura, from a different perspective.

“Riku” marries his daughters to influential people and expands his influence.

…… Tokimasa had a young wife who had children in her womb and had many daughters.
This wife is the daughter of a man who can be called Otoneri no Munechika. My father-in-law and Ooka Hangan Tokichika became fifth rank lieutenants.
his parent. He served Taira no Yorimori Nyudo for many years and ran a place called Ookamaki in Suruga Province.
Despite being a warrior, it is a wonder that comes out of such a person. Tomomasa (Tomomasa) is the eldest daughter of the Genji clan and Koreyoshi (Ouchi Koreyoshi) is her younger brother. Minamoto no Yoritomo is said to have been adopted.
This Tomomasa (Amomasa) was sent to Kyoto to visit the monastery, and he was also sent to visit Mikasagake. All my daughters have become too many wives of court nobles.
*From “Gukansho” Vol. 6 (Line breaks added for ease of reading, kana-to-kana corrections made, and omissions corrected. Same applies below.)

Tokimasa took a young wife and gave birth to many daughters.
She isMunechika Otoni(Otonerino Jo Munechika. Played by: Hajime Yamazaki. Munechika Maki), a daughter of Tokimasa and a brother.Ooka Hangan Tokichika(Ohka Hogan Tokichika) was promoted to No. 5.
This sectTaira YorimoriHe served Taira no Yorimori (a half-brother of Taira no Kiyomori) and received Ookamaki in Suruga Province. I’m not a samurai and I don’t have any particular achievements, but this kind of hospitality is strange.
One of the sons-in-law was Tomomasa Hiraga, a member of the Genji clan.Koreyoshi OuchiThe younger brother of (Ouchi Koreyoshi).Yoritomo MinamotoI heard that he became the adopted child of (played by Yo Oizumi).
This morning the elegance of KyotoRetired Emperor Gotoba(played by Matsuya Onoe), and sent him to check his mood while holding the Mikasagake.
All the other girls were married off to Kugyo or high-ranking officials as a starting point for their career advancement.

…… Although not mentioned in the Taiga drama, Riku gave birth to many daughters. Tomomasa Hiraga and othersInage of Shigenari(Played by: Makoto Murakami) ・Yoritsuna Utsunomiya(depressed and yoritsuna)・Bomon TadakiyoI am married to (Bomon Tadakiyo).

Tokimasa strengthened his ties with the Kamakura shogun family and the imperial court by marrying one of his daughters to Tadakiyo Bomon (legitimate wife of Sanetomo, elder brother of Princess Bomon), as well as Shigenari Inage (Musashi Province) and Yoritsuna Utsunomiya (Shimotsuke Province). ) and other influential clans.

In the text, ‘everyone should become the wife of a high-ranking aristocrat (Kugyo is 3rd rank or above, and Denshonin is 5th rank or above).

In the room, the son-in-lawreal clothesIt wasn’t just an excuse to say to (actor: Emma Miyazawa): “You’re still young, so give birth to 10 children!”

By the way, in the historical drama, Munechika Maki was introduced as Riku’s older brother, but in “Gukansho”, he is set as his father. Munechika’s son, Tokichika OOOKA, succeeded by becoming Tokimasa’s status.

However, among the sons-in-law, the one who had the highest expectations was Tomomasa Hiraga, who is a descendant of the Genji clan.

The heir whom I adored,Masanori Hojo(played by Tsubasa Nakagawa) Now that Tomomasa is dead, the only person he can confide his hopes to is Tomomasa. And rather than being the heir to the regent Hojo, with Genji’s line in Kamakura-dono… Riku’s ambitions ignite.

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