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[Baseball professionnel]Kazuma Okamoto (Giant) reached No. 29 in the singles match between the Giants and Yakult which took place on September 20. This video has received many comments.

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In the Yomiuri Giants vs. Tokyo Yakult Swallows match held at Tokyo Dome on September 20, Kazuma Okamoto (giant) released solo No. 29.

Kazu Okamoto, who started in the starting lineup at “5th and 3rd base,” threw the second pitch thrown by 3rd-place Yakult Hiroki Onishi in the 6th inning with a 1-run lead and no runners. The hit ball you can tell the moment you hit it becomes solo #29 that jumps into the top row of the left wing seat.

The official DAZN Twitter account posted the video with the caption, “The long-awaited hit! Like Kazuma Okamoto, a beautiful and perfect hit ball.”

From the fans, “Our Kazuma Okamoto”, “It was really drawing a dream arch!” That’s cool,” commented one praise after another.

Kazu Okamoto has hit 30 homers for four consecutive years since 2018, but this is the fifth straight year he has one more. If achieved, it will be the first time since Sadaharu Oh (19th consecutive year) and Hideki Matsui (7th consecutive year) in the team.

Kazu Okamoto has struggled this season, but he has improved his form. Everyone is looking forward to the moment when they will find themselves alongside the legends representing the world of baseball.

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