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Yui Asakura (from his Instagram)

On August 30, the contract was terminated by the LIBERA management office without waiting for the end date of the contract scheduled for the next 31.Yui Asakura(26)。

“Just before that there was a report on ‘FRIDAY’ that he had been ‘fired for bad behavior.’ After that there were suspicions about late arrivals, sudden cancellations, blockages LINE co-stars and even suspicions about the low payout Mr. Asakura hinted at SNS Reports keep coming in.(sports journalist)

Pushing for a change in the production of “Kamen Rider Revise”

Details are already reported in “Weekly Women’s PRIME”.

But his problematic behavior doesn’t end there. Performed as Aguilera“Kamen Rider Review”(TV Asahi), it was said that the script and direction had to be changed due to Asakura’s call. A production manager will tell you.

“It seems that Mr. Asakura suffered some kind of damage (bitter smile).”

Speaking of damage, he complained on SNS that a suspicious man broke into his house in July this year and caught a voyeur.

“It’s damage that has nothing to do with this case. He said, ‘Several co-actors look at me (Mr. Asakura) with sexual eyes.’ I was just communicating as a co-star.(People involved in production)

As a result, those involved in “Revis” were forced to respond.

“I was going to keep filming because Mr. Asakura was thinking too much,Asakura-san pushes me too hard to answer… Mr. Asakura wanted to eliminate the scenes with these actors.

 Since you can’t go that far with work that has already started, we made a sudden change in the production, like “separating the standing positions in scenes where there are several people”.(Idem, production staff)

Asakura who decided to swing the cast and the production team.

“Because of this behavior and the attitude that the shooting schedule was changed due to Asakura-san’s circumstances which we don’t know whether it’s true or not, there were rumors among the staff. that he was ‘a person who makes people feel uncomfortable’.” (another production manager)

The drama reached its final episode on August 28, but until mid-October, the “Kamen Rider Revise” eventKamen Rider Revise Final Stage & Program Cast Talk Show‘ keep on going. Who will Asakura be next to on stage?

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