Alpine F1, introduction of a new floor “a significant step in downforce”[]

Alpine F1, introduction of a new floor

The Alpine F1 team says it will benefit from a new floor which will provide a “big step forward” for the A522 at the upcoming Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

This update will be a timely development for the Alpine F1 team as they enter the final stages of the season, battling for fourth place in the constructors’ standings, just 18 points behind McLaren.

McLaren regained some of its deficit thanks to Lando Norris’ seventh-place finish in the previous round of the Italian F1 Grand Prix, where the Alpine F1 team took a double retirement.

But Alpine F1 Team sporting director Alan Permain insists the team’s low-key performance at Monza ‘Hall of Fame’ was unique and will have a place in the pecking order next tour in Singapore.

“It’s 100% absurd, that’s for sure,” commented Alan Permane.

“We have a new low for Singapore with a significant increase in downforce.”

“We’ll be back where we belong and I’m really looking forward to driving this car at Suzuka in particular. It’s going to be fun.”

However, Alan Permain admitted he was somewhat taken aback by the relative performance of the Alpine F1 team at Monza.

“I didn’t think it would be a struggle, I thought it would be okay,” commented Alan Permane.

“We raced perfectly well on Friday, but that’s what’s difficult and what we don’t understand.”

“I did a long race without DRS, but with full drag it looked good. Faster than McLaren, faster than anyone we race.”

“It certainly wasn’t as quick as the first three, but there wasn’t a lot of drama.”

“We were definitely a bit higher in drag, but we thought it was the quickest way out here. That’s where we raced.”

In Italy, Esteban Ocon had expressed concern about the impact of bumpy nature on ground effect cars and drivers in Singapore.

But Alan Parmen downplays that concern.”

“I was surprised he said bumping was scary because usually it’s a high speed thing and there really isn’t a lot of high speed out there,” said Alan Perment.

“I’m sure it’s going to be very physically demanding for them. It’s a long race, it’s a hot race, but it’s been like that since it’s been on the calendar. I don’t know if it’s going to be more difficult.” “

“The car is quite stiff so I think it will be a bit difficult. It will be a long and physical race for them, but they are in good shape so should be fine.”

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