CR. Uncle ‘Rejection is due to reasons we can’t imagine’ – 30 Teams Participating in ‘VCT2023’ International League Announced, ZETA and DNG Selected from Japan-Inside

  1. CR. Ojiji ‘Failure was due to reasons we can’t even imagine’ – All 30 teams participating in ‘VCT2023’ International League announced, ZETA and DNG selected in JapanOn the inside
  2. VALORANT Division – Decided to participate in the VCT International League! |NEWS|ZETA DIVISION®ZETA® DIVISION
  3. ZETA, DNG elected in the international league “VALORANT” Controversy due to the failure of Crazy RaccoonKAI-YOU
  4. DetonatioN Gaming Announces Unofficial Selection for VALORANT Champions Tour PACIFIC LEAGUEPR TIME
  5. ZETA DIVISION, DetonatioN Gaming will participate in the international “VALORANT”
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