“Dead by Daylight” announces “Finish Mori” which colors the ritual more gruesomely-All members are down and memory is activated, survivors can recover after crawling (Game Spark)-Yahoo! News

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Memento Mori is a system that can kill survivors in place under certain conditions with killer-specific output. In particular, killers who have appeared in recent years have featured elaborate productions that utilize their individuality, but under the current system they are rarely seen during gameplay, and specific survivors are immediately removed from the game. It wasn’t very popular as it was often used for Therefore, we plan to abolish the current Memento Mori system and introduce a new “Finish Mori” system which uses the same production. In this system, when a survivor other than yourself is dead, dying, hanging on a hook, or has already escaped, the remaining survivor will be referred to as the “last survivor”. Then, if the “last survivor” falls into a dying state before a survivor other than the “last survivor” recovers from the dying state or is released from the hook, “Finish Mori” will be immediately activated, moves automatically to a designated location on the map and memento mori is performed. As mentioned above, “Finish Mori” will fulfill the activation conditions even when everyone is dying, so the so-called explore and neglect tactic becomes more powerful. As a countermeasure, we plan to add an ability that allows survivors to recover on their own if left in a dying state for 45 seconds. Additionally, this time will be modified by effects that modify the speed of recovery from the dying state. Also, since “Finish Mori” and self-recovery from near-death state are to be introduced as the core system of the game, there are currently no adjustments to the offers and benefits needed to run Memento Mori and self-recovery from near-death. It is done. The details of the adjustment are as follows. About the Memento Mori Offering “Cypress Memento Mori”: Successfully completing the ritual with a Finishing Mori AND killing a total of 2 or more Survivors awards 8,000 BP. “Ivory Memento Mori”: If you successfully complete the ritual with a finishing mori and kill a total of 3 or more survivors, gain 12,000 BP. “Ebony Memento Mori”: If you successfully complete the ritual with a Finishing Mori and kill 4 survivors, you will receive 20,000 BP. Changes to the effects of related perks “Immortal”, “Soulguard”, “No Weakness”, “Blessings: Exponential”: The effect of recovering from the death state by itself has been removed as survivors become basic capabilities. increase. “Grudge”, “Curse: Devoured Hope”: Survivors memento mori ability will be removed according to basic ritual systematization. “Finish Mori”, the dying state self-recovery system, and the alternate effects of “Immortality”, “Grudge”, and “Curse: Devoured Hope” parks will be tested at the PTB which is expected to be implemented in the Steam version next week. Additionally, content that has been tested in the PTB is usually implemented immediately after testing is complete unless a serious issue is found, but these systems are in early preview stages and will be implemented in the future. smooth implementation, we are testing earlier than usual, so we won’t implement it in the 6.3.0 update.

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