Drop yakisoba in the toilet bowl → Eat straight as it is Controversial Tokai’s on-air project ‘I’m tired’ ‘It’s really disgusting’: J-CAST News[Texte intégral]

In the video released on September 18, 2022 by the 6-member YouTuber group “Tokai On Air”, there is a scene where the cup of yakisoba that was flushed down the toilet is eaten directly, and viewers expressed their approval and their disapproval.

  • From the video of Tokai On Air

    From Tokai On Air’s video “Seriously, I will respond to viewers’ unreasonable behavior!!!!”

  • From the video of Tokai On Air

“I can eat, I bit you.”

What is spreading is the video released on the 18th, “Seriously, I will respond to the unreasonable behavior of viewers!!!!!” The four members, Magnifying Glass, Tetsuya, Shibayu, and Ryo, are split into two groups to respond to fans’ unreasonable tweets and compete for the “proficiency diploma.”

The issue is member Magnifying Glass’ challenge to “eat the cup of yakisoba as it is in the toilet”.

This was in response to a fan’s post saying, “Zawa-kun (Magnifying Glass’s former activity name) will eat yakisoba too after this?”, and the post was accompanied by a screenshot from a past video.

In December 2016, Tokai On Air also attempted a similar project with a video titled “[Super Browsing Attention]Verification of the Limits of the 3-Second Rule!”.

With a cup of yakisoba in his hand, Mr. Magnifying Glass said, “I can’t do it now because I used to do it like this”, and went to the private bathroom room with a cold face.

I sat on the toilet seat with my clothes on and picked up a cup of yakisoba with my chopsticks. The yakisoba was soaked in water that had accumulated in the toilet bowl.

Mr. Loupe immediately picked it up with his chopsticks and put it in his mouth, saying, “I bit you! “I can eat it, I bite it,” he said, facing the camera, his mouth open to show the noodles inside. Although it is finely mosaicked, you can see the yakisoba noodles filling your mouth.

The two of them took on various challenges in the restroom, but while Tetsuya responded to the unreasonable “1000 squats” in the private restroom room, Mr. Loupe stood on the restroom where the yakisoba had been dropped earlier and had urine. too

It seems fans are taking it positively, with reactions praising the members who challenge the project with their bodies in the chat and comments section.

On the other hand, there are also negative reactions on SNS, saying that it may be overdone. Some parents have said, “I don’t want my child to imitate me.

Tokai On Air ranked second after HIKAKIN in the ranking of “YouTubers Middle and High School Students Love” according to a Sony Life Insurance survey targeting middle and high school students nationwide.

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