Honda announces “Honda Racing THANKS DAY 2022” at Motegi[]

Honda announces “Honda Racing THANKS DAY 2022” at Motegi

Honda has announced that “Honda Racing THANKS DAY 2022” will be held at Mobility Resort Motegi in Tochigi Prefecture on Sunday, November 27, 2022.

This event, which has been well received by fans, will take place for the 14th time this year. Moreover, it will be the first time in three years since November 2019 that it will be held at the same location (named Twin Ring Motegi in 2019).

Honda has grown with racing since its founding and is a company that has honed its people and skills through racing. variety of racing categories for both motorcycles and automobiles.

Honda Racing Thanks Day is an event to express our gratitude to all fans who support Honda’s motorsport activities. In addition to thrilling performances by riders and racing machines from a variety of motorcycle and four-wheel racing categories from Japan and overseas, Honda’s unique collaboration event of riders and riders and various content are included, and it is open to a wide range of age groups from children to adults provide an extraordinary experience on the circuit.

■ Event name:
Honda Racing THANK YOU DAY 2022
■ Schedule:
November 27, 2022 (Sunday)
8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (scheduled)
■ Location:
Mobility Resort Motegi (120-1 Hiyama, Motegi-cho, Haga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture)
■Preview (expected):
Demonstration/exhibition of racing machines, display of Honda products, sale of merchandise, participatory events, food stalls

Honda Racing THANK YOU DAY 2022

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