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King and Prince Kaito Takahashi (*”High” is officially “Ladder”) will star in a solo drama for the first time on TV Asahi’s Oshidora Saturday show “Boyfriend Advent!” ](every Saturday from 11:00 AM * 1 AM SP for the first time) began to boot.

“Boyfriend Advent!” with Kaito Takahashi

This work is Asahi, a mysterious young man with amnesia played by Takahashi, and two 35-year-old women who are at a turning point in their lives, played by Sakurai and Tanaka. A “triangle romantic comedy” depicting the love pattern of three men and women with a 12-year age difference.

Kaito Takahashi, Yuki Sakurai, Minami Tanaka, perfect breath from day one

Takahashi, Sakurai, and Tanaka all challenged on the first day of filming a hospital scene where Asahi, Kashiko Chatani (Sakurai), and Wataru Sato (Tanaka) meet face to face for the first time in history. Immediately, the three of them showed a harmonious exchange.

After filming, Takahashi commented, “It was a day when the dialogue became more and more fun and the feeling of excitement increased. On the other hand, expressing scenes of Asahi’s love and kindness is a big hurdle for me. Although it was difficult, I thought again that I would like to challenge myself one by one.” Sakurai also commented after the first day, “The three of us played at a good pace and had fun.” It seems director Takehiko Shinshiro, a master of romantic works, had a big hand behind it all. It was easy to hit,” he said.

Takahashi told the director, “If you want to say ‘LOVE Senbon Knock,’ I tried many times until I could do Asahi’s cute expression and phrases.” I get it!” with a satisfied expression. Tanaka, who looked forward to Takahashi’s squeaky scenes from the script stage, said, “From the first day of filming, it was everywhere! “It seems that I was fascinated.

“Advent of the Boyfriend!” ‘. Expectations are high for the “triangular romantic comedy” that these three will create. (modelpress writing)

Kaito Takahashi (role of Asahi)

After the first day of shooting, I felt very relieved. Director Shinshiro gave me very cheerful and polite advice, and he clearly stated his vision, like what he wanted to shoot and how he wanted the actors to behave, so it was very easy to dedicate myself to the acting. ‘actor. I was saying “LOVE Senbon Knock” to the director, and I challenged myself several times until I could do Asahi’s cute expressions and phrases. I was well trained.

With Yuki-san and Minami-san, when I played together while being aware of the tempo, the dialogue became more and more fun. It was also a day that made me more excited about how the three of us would play in the future. On the other hand, expressing Asahi’s love scenes and kindness is also a major obstacle for me. Even though it is difficult, I again thought that I would like to enjoy each challenge.

Commentary by Yuki Sakurai (Kashiko Chatani)

On set, I really felt that director Shinshiro had a clear picture of what he wanted to shoot. So today was the first day of shooting, but there was no scene where I didn’t know what to do, and it was very easy to play, and the three of us played at a good pace and we got together. amused.

Commentary by Minami Tanaka (playing Wataru Sato)

As I read the script, I amuse myself with a smile thinking that if Kaito-kun performed this scene, everyone would be thrilled. On the first day of filming, there were a number of Kyun points, so look forward to it. When the director directs Kaito-kun, it feels like he’s talking to a dog, and I think that’s a good relationship.

Synopsis of Episode 1 (Aired October 15)

A man (Kaito Takahashi) who was eating at an upscale restaurant suddenly leaves wife Tsukui Emma (Rin Kataoka) with him.

Kashiko Chatani (Yuki Sakurai), who worked for a small advertising agency and did daily mundane tasks, helped a client install billboards. Kashiko crashes into a passing man and smashes the panel. When I complained the man gave me the money as if it was embarrassing and then accused me of illegally installing the sign…! Cornered, Takashiko hands over his business card as he is told, and the man leaves.

Later, Kashiko is contacted by the police. What I visited with fear was… a hospital room. There is the face of this man I met a few days ago! He has amnesia and his identity is unknown. Kashiko’s business card, which was in his pocket, was the only clue that the police questioned him. Kashiko, who knows nothing about the man, tries to leave immediately, but… Just then, Wataru Sato (Minami Tanaka), who was the first to find out, arrives and Kashiko grows impatient. In fact, Wataru was Kashiko’s best friend in high school, but for some reason she’s moved away from him now. Wataru, meanwhile, is happy to see him again and innocently suggests that he help her.

After returning to the company, Takashiko is summoned by the chairman, Yuzo Aoyagi (Ken Mitsuishi), and persuaded to take on the challenge of full-scale competition. Kashiko, who is already busy with work, refuses to do so, but the crisis of the company’s existence serves as a shield and he is overwhelmed. When he returns to his seat in frustration, Mika Akai (Shuko Ito), a clerk, yells at him that he’s a guest. Afterwards, Wataru and this man are happily chatting with their colleagues Kensuke Kurose (Seiya Suesawa) and Yodai Shiratori (Riki Honda)! In order to find out the identity of the man named Asahi, Wataru came to ask Kashiko to make some flyers for him. Then, by chance, Asahi finds herself working part-time in Kashiko’s company…!

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