Koki Maeda x Akihisa Shiono “Actually Todoroki Got Rolled” Spoiler Comment on Odashima’s Tricky Tech Mote HiGH & LOW THE WORST X Interview (Netorabo) – Yahoo! News

[Image]Fishing scene that caused a stirYosuke Todoroki, played by Koki Maeda, and Yuken Odashima, played by Akihisa Shiono, show a different presence in the series where various hot-blooded Yankees are mixed together. While the two have in common being bespectacled characters with an intellectual impression, their fighting ability is the strongest class even in the job, which is appealing. In Netorabo, we interviewed Mr. Maeda and Mr. Shiono before the greeting stage on the day of the release. In a style that welcomes spoilers, we’ve asked about new relationships and filming episodes in the new job you’re interested in.

Todoroki and Odashima, behind the scenes of the birth of a new name combination “We also had the head first”

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