“Lupin III” x “Cat’s Eye” Collaboration Animation Decided!Toms is in charge of production (with video / with commentary)-Comic Natalie

  1. Animation of the “Lupin III” x “Cat’s Eye” collaboration decided! Toms is in charge of the production (with video / with comments)comic natalie
  2. “Lupin III” x “Cat’s Eye” collaboration film will be exclusively distributed on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. Visual teaser and first PV releasedFamitsu.com
  3. Amazon Original “Lupin the 3rd VS Cat’s Eye” PV 1st release! “Global exclusive distribution” will be decided on Prime Video from 2023!Official TMS anime channel
  4. “Lupin the 3rd VS Cat’s Eye” to be released in 2023 on Amazon Prime VideoAV Watch
  5. ‘Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye’ Production Decision ‘Thief x Phantom Thief’ Dream Showdown Distributed by Amapura | Cinema Todaycinema today
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