Osaka court rejects damages claim for forced sterilization


Osaka, Sep 22 (Jiji Press) — The Osaka District Court on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit for damages brought against the government by a disabled couple for forced sterilization carried out under the Eugenics Protection Law today disappeared.

The decision came even after high courts in Osaka and Tokyo ordered the government to pay damages in similar lawsuits for forced sterilization in February and March, respectively.

The Western Japan District Court ruled the now lapsed law unconstitutional, but denied the couple’s petition, saying it was filed too late.

Japan has a 20-year statute of limitations for claims for damages, but there was a period when the rule did not apply due to difficulties in obtaining the information needed to bring such a claim. due to intensified discrimination and prejudice against people with disabilities by the government, the court said.

The couple filed their lawsuit too late, nearly two years after the first such lawsuit was brought to court and eased the difficulties in January 2018, the court added.

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