ROBOT SPIRITS ANIME version “GAT-X105 Strike Gundam” and “AQM/E-X01 Yale Striker & Effect Parts Set” released today! (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]From the TV series “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”, “Strike Gundam” will appear in the mobile action figure brand “ROBOT SPIRITS ver. ANIME”. The proportions of the figure are consistent with the animation image and the scenery image, and the movement in the room can be reproduced. A set with the Yale striker and effect pieces will be released on the same day. □ “ROBOT SPIRITS Strike Gundam ver. ANIME” Height: about 125mm Materials: PVC, ABS Set contents ・Main body ・Left and right spare wrist x 5 types ・Beam rifle ・Anti-beam shield ・Schneider armor x 2 ・Schneider armor x 2 storage condition (left and right) ・Vernier effect x 2 ・Vulcan effect (left and right) ・Antenna (spare) ・Three-dimensional storage wrist In-game movement is achieved by the effect parts of the Vulcan head and of the vernier back, and the movable axis provided on the lower half of the shin and the chest. You can enjoy the unique pose of “Strike Gundam”.□ “ROBOT SPIRITS AQM/E-X01 Yale Striker & Effect Parts Set ver. ANIME” Contents ・Yale Striker ・Saber effect x2 ・Curved effect saber ・Explosion effect ・Beam rifle effect ・Vernier effect Top x2 ・Vernier effect bottom x 2 This product is a set of effect parts that can be equipped on “ROBOT SPIRITS Strike Gundam ver. ANIME”. Yale Striker has a movable axis on the shoulder part, so you can reproduce the scene in the room without hindering the movement of the main body. ©Sotsu/Sunrise *Please note that some product images and illustrations may differ of actual product.*Release date may change depending on distribution.

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