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SAMURAI BLUE trains behind the scenes before the game against USA

On September 21 (Wednesday), SAMURAI BLUE (Japan National Team), currently touring Germany, held their first private training at the Dusseldorf ground on September 21 (Wednesday), two days before their first game against the United States United in the 2022 KIRIN CHALLENGE CUP.

Joining the entire drive now become.

During the first 15 minutes of training, open to the press, the outfield players relaxed their bodies with running and agility training, and they were divided into two groups and showed great excitement with their movements. during ball spinning.

After running, the GK team practiced using the ball to improve their physique. They would repeatedly catch the ball from close range, leaping to catch a ball high to the side and sending it immediately down the center of the pitch.

After that, the practice was closed to the public for about 90 minutes, and the whole team adapted. In the last individual training, as usual, some players practiced shooting, while others tried to calm down by jogging.

This training camp is the last organized period of activities the team can carry out before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which begins in November. Next time, the squad members for the tournament will be decided and adjustments will be made on the spot, so captain Maya Yoshida (Schalke 04) and the other players will agree unanimously through this activity to improve common understanding and cooperation, and to fine-tune the details. He says he wants to work on

Yoshida pointed out, “September, when the pre-season is over, is also a time when our team’s things come out strong, so we have to adjust the form of the national team once again.” On top of that, looking ahead to the finals against Germany, Spain and Costa Rica, he said: “It’s important to strike a balance between the courage you show and the realism of your game. is important to refresh this.” .

Both teams are preparing for the Qatar tournament, which will be played against the United States on Friday 23 and then against Ecuador on Tuesday 27. In the latest FIFA rankings, Japan is ranked 24th, the United States is rank 14th and Ecuador ranks 44th.

Both players have different styles of play than their opponents in the main event in Japan, but Yoshida said: “As a team, we talked about ‘America is like this, so let’s do it, but Germany is like that, so let’s be aware of that side too.” How much can I get out of it?”

Gaku Shibasaki (CD Leganes), who experienced the tournament in Russia four years ago, said in preparation for the tournament: “How much confidence can we build as a team? It will be a two-match warm-up series , of testing tactics even if it doesn’t match up a bit, and chasing various details.”

Additionally, GK Gonda Shuichi (Shimizu S-Pulse) said, “I want to work out the details and make it a high-density training camp. “will increase,” he said.

On Thursday 22, the team will hold its official training session at the Düsseldorf Arena, the venue for the match.

player comment

DF #22 Maya Yoshida (Schalke 04/Germany)
Without a preparation period, these two matches will be the final stage. You have to beat the opponent in front of you while envisioning the main tournament and capturing various situations and opponents. Also, the opponents are also teams that will be in the World Cup, so they won’t be able to win easily, so I think that will be a difficult point in these two games. There is a final selection for members of the main tournament, but players who have been selected here due to the accumulation of past efforts will not change. Among them, the priority of the team is the last part of refreshment. I want to concentrate there. I don’t think it’s too late to talk about it when something happens after the tournament starts, so when you lose how far will you go from where you’re pulling blocks, if you’re going to press, if you I’m going to take risks, etc… I think you have to adapt the fighting style according to the situation.

MF/FW #7 Gaku Shibasaki (CD Leganes/Spain)
As a team, Coach Moriyasu also explained how to position these two games in the last long-term training camp before the tournament. I think everyone understands the importance of it, and since we don’t have the usual time (before the tournament), there is also a sense of competition (to become a member of the tournament), but as a team, we can maintain a good condition with everyone, it is important to be able to form a team. I think it’s time to improve shared awareness and coordination within the team. First of all, how much confidence can we build as a team, mentally prepare ourselves and feel that we can compete well in the main tournament, and to some extent anticipate the opponents in the main tournament, even if they don’t are not a match I think there is also a “try it” tactic. I think it will be a two-game series in which we pursue various details. Personally, as always, I will do what I can for the team. That’s all.

MF/FW #10 Takumi MinaminoAS Monaco/France)
I felt like I had to leave something behind and prove myself worthy of the call to come here. The best way to be recognized by the team I joined after my transfer is to produce good results, so I’m still not convinced, and I have to do it, but the first step is to score the first goal . did. These two games are the last preparation for the World Cup as a team, and they are two very important games. I think it’s a match where we have to respond in a way how we’re going to play in this tournament. Although our opponents are different from our main tournament opponents, we want our players to keep in mind how to play against Germany, Spain and Costa Rica, and make it two meaningful matches. Personally, I always want to contribute to the victory of the team.

MF/FW #21 Ritsu Doan (SC Freiburg/Germany)
Conditions have improved considerably. I don’t worry because I think I can do well if I can do it normally. When I have the chance, I just focus on my performance. The tactics are different between the national team and the clubs, so I can’t do everything like the clubs, but I’ve been thinking for about a year about when I go inside and when I play on the flanks. I think I can give that back to the national team. I want to do this by monitoring the positions of my teammates and my opponents. Two months before the finals, there is no doubt that the tension is mounting. We must not forget the disappointing way we lost in the final game in June, and there are many players who changed the environment and the team this time. We are finalizing what we have built while communicating with each other.

MF/FW #26 Kiyo Ueda (Circle Bruges KSV/Belgium)
Playing in a completely different football environment since my transfer, I don’t understand the language and the intensity is completely different, I think it’s a lot of experience for me and it doesn’t fit my style of play. There are also games, but I think on the contrary, it is a stimulus to increase my withdrawals. With three games remaining before the main tournament, formation, player pairing and weather will change what we have to do and how we have to play. I really want to do this. I have my own weapons as an approach to that end, and I want to make sure I don’t miss any opportunity to demonstrate and embody them. Maybe there will come a time when I will break down the tactics and the theories, but I believe in not only appealing to myself but also looking for results for the team.

#Tsunage on the campaign

#Tsunage on the campaign

September 23, 2022 (Friday) Kick-off scheduled at 2:25 p.m. (Japan time 9:25 p.m.) against the United States national team
Location: Düsseldorf (Germany) / Düsseldorf Arena
Click here for tournament information

September 27, 2022 (Tuesday) kick off at 1:55 p.m. (Japan time 8:55 p.m.) against Ecuador national team
Location: Düsseldorf (Germany) / Düsseldorf Arena
Click here for tournament information





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