Shohei Ohtani’s ‘1.76’, ‘3.34’ Tigers ‘crazy numbers’ presented by MLB official | Full Count

“20” from Ya Army Judge, “21” from former cage helper…

As the season nears its climax, the official MLB website touts the numbers left behind by this season’s MLB teams and players as “crazy numbers for the 2022 season.” A total of 22 items are listed, including Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani’s “1.76” and Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge’s “20”.

A figure of “1.76” was introduced for Otani. It’s the ratio of the number of hits Ohtani allowed as a hitter to the number of hits he allowed as a pitcher over the past two seasons. Over the past two seasons, he hit 147 as a batter but allowed only 76 as a pitcher, nearly double the hits he allowed.

“It’s a number that isn’t usually mentioned because before Ohtani there was never a need to look into such nonsense. But then again, he’s probably the greatest baseball talent of all time. “It’s a way of explaining how great two seasons are.”

The judge’s number of “20” is behind outfielder Kyle Schwarber, who is second in home runs in the league overall. The judge has hit 60 home runs so far, which is a number that shows the overwhelming amount of pushing back second place and below.

It also introduces the Tigers’ number “3.34”, which sinks to the bottom of the American League Central Division. That’s points per game, and only the Mariners (3.17) in 2010 and the Athletics (3.28) in 1978 are lower than the American League with a DH system. Additionally, former Orix infielder Joey Meneses, who made his major debut with the Nationals in August of this season, hit 21 long hits in about a month and a half and signed a big contract with lastly the Rockies. as “0” for the number of home runs hit at Coors Field.

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