Shohei Otani to wait pinch hitter 23rd Interim Manager ‘I’m leaving tomorrow’, ‘sufficient rest’ to start 24th | Full Count

On the 23rd, the middle-ranked trout will be named DH “Shohei will cast on Friday”

Rangers 7-2 Angels (22nd Japan Time, Arlington)

On the 21st (22nd Japan time), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani started the game against the Rangers as the 3rd batter, scoring his first multiple hit in two games. In the first inning he hit the right forward, and in the 7th inning he hit first base infield. 270 batting average with 2 hits for 4 at bat. The team lost 2-7. Caretaker manager Phil Nevin has indicated that Otani will start on the bench in the 22 (23) game.

2 kills in the first time, Dunning’s low lead from the right arm was returned to the right front. Reach the speed of 112.8 miles (about 181.5 km). It was a shocking success that surprised Mr Patrick O’Neill on local broadcaster ‘Bally Sports West’ and called it a ‘rocket’. At the start of the 7th inning, he touched the infield of first base. He got a hit with his feet and scored his 37th multiple hit this season.

The team is on a streak of 10 consecutive games. After the game, caretaker manager Nevin said, “Shohei is out tomorrow.” “He’s available as a pinch hitter. The plan is to get Trout out of center where he’ll be playing on artificial turf and put him in as a DH. He’s left-handed, and this is the perfect match to give him someday off. He will launch on Friday.’ said goal.

It has been officially decided that he will start the game against the Twins on 23 (24). That day we adjusted with the ball caught before the game. Aim for the 14th victory with a perfect rest.

(Masaya Kotani)

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