9moon24Day25Due to concerns about the weather on the day of the performance at Nippon Gaishi Hall, we will be selling a set of raw photos on site.9moon23Day(Silver)SKE48Some tickets will be pre-sold at the theatre.

Also, “Photos from Past Performances, Nao Furuhata/Akari Suda Goods” (goods sold at past events) will also be on sale.

Details such as selling products and selling hours are as follows.

9moon23Day(Silver) 14:0020:00*The selling time may change depending on the situation of the day.

SKE48theater lobby

[Produits de vente de performance Nippon Gaishi Hall (partie)]

・Nippon Gaishi Hall performance commemorative photo set (random by team)\1,100

・Fan club limited raw photo setFamily SKE48 Vol.6 Type A(random by team)\1,100

* The number of sales is limited.

* For goods other than the above, please purchase them at the show venue.

[Biens d’événements passés]

SKE48“in my heartFlower” ticket holder(Furuhata/ suda)2,200

・ Nao Furuhatacolor days ~Empty~ Long J shirt(M, L, XL, XXL)6,500

・ Nao Furuhatacolor days ~Virgin~Acrylic Keychain¥1,500

Akari Suda sings with the guitar ~Flower Cart and Hexagon~J shirt(M, L, XL, XXL)3,500

Akari Suda sings with the guitar ~ Flower Cart and Six-String Harp ~ Parker(M, L, XL, XXL)8,000

Akari Suda sings with the guitar~Flower Cart and Six-String Harp~Towel ¥2,400

Akari Suda sings with the guitar ~Flower cart and six-string harp~Smartphone ring ¥2,000

5student10th anniversarylongJshirt(M, L, XL, XXL)6,500

5 student10th anniversary¥ Face towel2,400

5student10th anniversary A3Transparent poster (Furuhata) worm/2shotsee) ¥1,400

・ Nao FuruhataSKE48Member recommended stickers2sheet set(Furuhata /suda )1,200

・ Nao Furuhata6moon solo event Jshirt(M, L, XL, XXL) 3,500

・ Nao Furuhata 6Moon Solo Event Face Towel ¥2,400

・ Nao Furuhata6moon solo eventA3clear poster(type A/typeB) 1,400

・ Nao Furuhata6Moon Solo Event Sticker Sheet ¥1,500

・ Nao Furuhata6Moon Solo Event Random Raw Photo Set(type A/typeB)1,100

・ Nao Furuhata6Acrylic Moon Solo Event Keychain ¥1,500

★ The number of each product is limited and we may set a limit on the number of purchases.

★Sales will end as soon as stock runs out.

★ Payment is cash only.

[Photo prise et sortie]

2021Year<12/21>TeamESPOONFestival » Performance Akari Suda’s Birthday Festival

※Group photo2Lset, mount/clear file set, birthday set, other cut set

・<4/185studenttenSpecial anniversary show

*Group photo 2LTogether mount/erase file set, solo photo 3 types

・<8/25>Nawa Furuhata “Hikarisasu” Drama Performance Event

2Lset, mount, clear file set

※「LVersion/2LEdition” is a product with a different pattern.

・<September 11th>TeamKⅡ“The Final Bell Rings” Nao Furuhata’s Birthday Festival Performance

※Group photo2Lset, mount/clear file set, birthday set, other cut set

2LPosition(bring togetherL+ Collection2L)・・・¥800

Mounting paper and set of transparent files(bring togetherL2L+ backing paperWheredelete file)・・・¥1,300

* The clear file can also be replaced with an edit.

■ Anniversary set(bring togetherL+ Collection2L+ SoloL+ birthday card)・・・¥1,600

* The mount will be a dedicated mount for the Anniversary Festival.

■ Other cutting set(soloL+ Solo2L)・・・¥800

LVersion/2LThe version will be a product with the same pattern.

* Except for certain products, group photos areLCut·2LBoth photos will be the same size.

LCut·2LAll sizes and clear files are sold as a set and cannot be purchased individually.

★ Payment is cash only.

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