The artist’s ‘disease name’ during the rest is…Kenkoba is intensely white ‘I can’t stop crying’-Maijitsu

Kendo Kobayashi

Kendo Kobayashi (C) Maijitsu

Kendo Kobayashi, a pin artist, will be a regular at midnight on September 14, “I’m fine! (MBS Radio) revealed the symptoms of “Gerrardon’s” Yuji Unno, who was on leave due to poor condition physical.

The topic that day was “King of Conte 2022”, where the finalists were announced.

Among them, the subject of Unno, who took a break from his activities due to poor physical condition in December last year and has been resting again since July this year, appears.

When “Ungirls”‘s Takushi Tanaka named “Nelsons” as the featured performer, Kenkoba rated the same trio, “Gerardon” Attack Nishimoto, “Because he’s wide awake.” Tanaka also assessed their abilities, but he said, “But they can’t appear (in ‘King of Conte’). Because Umino-kun is sick,” he said sadly.

Then Kenkoba said, “Well, it’s Kubota’s (Kazunobu) radio (“Toro Salmon”), and even if I lied, it’s exposed.” Surprisingly, Unno announced on the air that he was suffering from a “simulated illness”, but he went on to say, “The alcoholic has been discovered.

Critics for ignoring illness and voices concerned about fitness

Apparently, Kenkoba didn’t consider “alcoholism” a disease, but it was a magnificent disease that needed treatment. Thus, on the Internet

“Is Gerrard’s Unno-kun really okay?” 》
《M. Kenkoba said Mr. Gerardon Umino’s poor physical condition was a lie and said it was “personal responsibility”, and that alcoholism was a disease. I want the media to make efforts to reduce the number of people who make mistakes like Mr. Kenkoba.
《Umino: Was alcohol addiction the cause? If so, I’ll probably see it on TV to some degree.』
《Is it true that Umino is sick!?
《Kenkoba may have talked about Unno on commercial radio, but it’s not normal to say something like “alcoholism ≠ poor health”.》
《I feel like I’m taking it lightly, so no one seems to benefit from it》

There have been complaints about Kenkoba’s perception and concerns about Umino’s health.

I can only think that to neglect the disease is to confuse masculinity with diversity. We should change our perception as soon as possible.

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