The movie “Narase! PUI PUI Moruka + DRIVING SCHOOL Preparatory Edition” will be released today, September 23rd! (Impress Watch)

[Voir une autre image liée à cet article]“PUI PUI Molcar” is a stop-motion animation broadcast on TV Tokyo’s “Kinder TV” from January 2021. In the film, in addition to showing the 12 episodes of “PUI PUI Molka”, episodes 1 and 2 of the new series “DRIVING SCHOOL” will be screened in preview. “Narase! Molcha Ball 2022” will appear as a gift for visitors (first come, first served). One per person, randomly distributed. □ Present for visitors “Narase! Molcha Ball 2022” The “Molcha Ball” distributed during the theatrical release last year appeared in a new design. In the new series “DRIVING SCHOOL”, Potato, Shiromo, Rose and the new character, Peter, who are , have a cute design wearing a three-cornered hat of a training Molker. A total of 6 models are available, 3 each for the first and second week. Week 1 September 23-29 Cast (1) Training Potato (2) Training Rose (3) Peter Week 2 September 30-October 6 Cast (1) Training Shiromo (2) Jerry (3) Chai *Image is a image *Limited quantity, first come first served. *The number is limited depending on the cinema. *One will be distributed per person. * You cannot choose the type because it is distributed randomly. □ New Series “DRIVING SCHOOL” Episode 1/Episode 2 Advance Screening Information[Horaire des projections]・1st week: September 23 to 29 Episode 1/2nd week: September 30 to October 6 Episode 2[Synopsis de “PUI PUI Molcar DRIVING SCHOOL” ]One day, the potatoes that caused a stir were brought to… a driving school? ! New encounters, links with drivers, events in a place like an amusement park…? The next Molcar jumps from Mol City…? Pui Pui! excited! Big runaway? ! □ “Narase! PUI PUI Moruka + DRIVING SCHOOL Preparation” Release date: 2 weeks from September 23 Limited release Distribution: Toho Imaging Division[Narase ! PUI PUI Molker]Original Draft: Asaki Misato, Shinei Animation, Japan Green Hearts Director/Screenplay: Asaki Misato Scenarios: Asaki Misato, Hana Ono, Katsura Sato Animator: Ikuko Iwatsuki, Katsura Sato, Makoto Takano, Mi Art: Ikuko Iwatsuki, Michiko Kaihatsu, Katsura Sato , Kanon Sato, Asaki Misato, Reina Muramatsu, Atelier KOCKA Music: Shota Kowashi Sound: Akira Noguchi Appearance voice: Tsumugi (guinea pig) )[Préparation AUTO-ECOLE]Original plan / supervisor: Asaki Misato Director: Hana Ono ( UchuPeople) Animator: Shodai Ogawa, Makoto Takano, Atsuko Miyake, Yukari Kakiuchi, Kazushige Toma, Yasuko Abe, Marika Konishi Art: UchuPeople, Atelier KOCKA, Pantograph, Studio Bingo Music: Shota Kowashi Sound: Noriyoshi Konuma

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