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entertainment unitSutopuriofKoronIt has been pointed out that the distribution of M. may constitute copyright infringement. The origin of the outcry was the distribution Koron made on his YouTube channel on September 8, titled “I’m finally gonna put it on TikTok that I should never laugh at!? God times too much?”

Among them, Mr. Koron is a comedy duo owned by Yoshimoto Kogyo DecadenceShusuke Ashinaposted a video posted by Mr. TikTok.

In response to this, Shusuke Ashina posted a short video on YouTube titled “Unauthorized Reprint lol” on September 12. At that time, he left a comment, “Thank you for introducing me” and “Please see my grandpa’s energetic appearance when you have free time!

Unauthorized reprint of controversial Sutopuri video

In this series of events, STPR, which operates Sutopuri, has posted a disclaimer on its official website to protect the copyrights of fans (External link), this caused quite a bit of controversy among Sutopuri fans.

After that, on September 17, Mr. Shusuke Ashina delivered a cast titled “[Réimpression non autorisée]Regarding Koron-kun”.

In response to the fact that there were many voices asking Koron to apologize on SNS, he prefaced by saying, “Unauthorized reproduction is not good, and I think it would be a big deal if I was continued as normal.” I have no feeling that I want you to apologize or delete the video.”

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