Yoshimoto Artist Protests Unauthorized Reprint of Sutopuri Koron Video, Says ‘No Contact at All’ Without Source (KAI-YOU.net) – Yahoo! News

[Image]Video reporting unauthorized reprinting of Sutopuri Koron

The origin of the outcry was the post Koron made on his YouTube channel on September 8, titled “I’m finally gonna put it on TikTok that I should never laugh at!? God times too much?” Among them, Mr. Koron posted a video posted on TikTok by Shusuke Ashina, also known as Ashinasu from comedy duo Decadence owned by Yoshimoto Kogyo. In response to this, Shusuke Ashina posted a short video on YouTube titled “Unauthorized Reprint lol” on September 12. At that time he left a comment, ‘Thank you for introducing me 🙇

Unauthorized reprint of controversial Sutopuri video

No reaction from the office, “It’s embarrassing to have trusted such a person.”

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