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Kizaemon Saiga (33), a martial artist who lost custody of his only daughter, A-chan (7), after a lawsuit with his ex-wife, the talented Yu Abiru (36). Even after the transfer of parental authority to Abiru was finalized, she continued to live with her under “effective control” and continued to post her daughter on her blog. However, A’s photo suddenly disappeared from the blog.

Abito Saiga married in 2014. A daughter, A-chan, was born the following year, but the two divorced in 2019. At first, Saiga had custody of A-chan and actively promoted her in as a “single father”.

On the other hand, Abiru remained silent, but he accused Saiga in the July 28 issue of the small magazine. Immediately after the divorce, he filed for mediation, and in April 2021, the Tokyo High Court upheld A-chan’s change of custody and revealed that A-chan was still in a state of ” illegal kidnapping”.

Abiru (left) and her daughter A-chan (right)

Saiga continued to live with A-chan even after the report. He lives with Eri, a freelance writer who is married by law.

“Mr. Saiga currently has almost no job as a full-time martial artist. His main source of income is advertisements on the Amoeba blog. Ameba has many readers from the generation raising children, and Ms. Saiga ranked first in the “dad category.” It’s popular.” (Sports journalist)

Saiga posted countless photos of A-chan on his blog, but in fact, it was pointed out that there was something wrong with this act.

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source: Bunshun Weekly September 29, 2022

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