[Épisode final de Junai Dissonance]Betrayal → The sudden development of ‘I can cry’ ‘Is this a happy ending? ” – Sports reporting

  1. [Épisode final de Junai Dissonance]Betrayal → Voice of “I can cry” and “Is this a happy ending?”sports report
  2. “Pure Love Disonance” The emotional vocals of Masaki (Yuto Nakajima) and Sae (Ai Yoshikawa) at the end of “Cry”model release
  3. Yuto Nakajima who played Masaki deeply and carefullytrue sound
  4. Masaki’s “Don’t Call Me Teacher Again” from “Pure Love Dissonance” featuring Yuto Nakajima makes my heart race! “I always call you a teacher (laughs).”To the web portal
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