JO1 Yonashiro Sho “I won’t go home even after 12 o’clock” “2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ‘KIZUNA'” Live report of Fukuoka’s performance!

On September 22 (Thursday), the Fukuoka performance “2022 JO1 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR ‘KIZUNA'” was held at Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall A, and the pattern was streamed live online at the same time.

In Fuji Television Review!!, we will report on the live performance of the Fukuoka performance that took place this time around.

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Attract the public with “Rock JO1”!

After the opening video titled ,JO1appeared on stage. They performed popular songs such as “Move The Soul” one after another, which immediately excited JAM (*JO1 fans).

This live will be delivered with a live band. JO1 captivated the audience with their spirited performance as the live sounds of instruments such as guitars and drums echoed throughout the venue.

See the image gallery[13 photos au total]

In “Speed ​​of Light” arranged in rock taste,Jincheng BihaiLet the high notes resonate with dignity, in “ALL HOURS”,Mu Quanxiang tooshouted the intro lyrics “Yo, push the limits!” in the songYoshio OhiraBite your lower lip,Tsurufang ShienJO1’s sexy elegance stood out in the band’s sound, as if turning a bright gaze towards the camera. In the following “OH-EH-OH” there is also a scene where the members of JO1 stir up the audience’s JAM.

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