Motohiro Hata Blu-ray[GREEN MIND 2022]with Mount Fuji in the background (Billboard JAPAN)

Other photosThis work includes models of[GREEN MIND 2022]which was held outdoors for the first time in a long time on May 4 this year on the shores of Lake Yamanaka. Under the beautiful weather, the live acoustic performance took place with the majestic Mount Fuji in the background. Additionally, the limited fan club edition includes a “sub-audio” with the band members who appeared in the live performance, a “photobook” that documents the stage layout, and a “post” with a photo of Mount Fuji that Hata himself took It is a luxurious specification with a “photo T-shirt” printed with live photos in collaboration with the green label UNITED ARROWS relaxing. In addition, with the attached application lottery series code for benefits common to all forms, 80 applicants will receive a decorated solar lantern on the stage on the same day with Motohiro Hata’s autograph. ◎ “GREEN MIND 2022” LIVE Blu-ray release information 2022/12/7 RELEASE UMXA-10063 / 6,200 yen (excluding tax) DSKU-11993 / 11,000 yen (excluding tax) DSKU-11994 / 11,000 yen (excluding tax) *Home Ground Limited Edition Pre-order period: until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 16[Blu- ray & DVD (tous formats)]・GREEN MIND theme ・1/365 ・SEA ・May ・Crying and laughing episode ・Are ・Seaside sketch ・Landscape ・The day the rainbow disappeared ・Sunflower promise ・Mr. HOBBYLESS ・Selva ・Trick me ・Ai ・Goodbye Isaac ・Violet ・Spring has come ・Libra ・LOVE LETTER ・May’s Milky Way ・Cider ・7 billion coins[Bonus d’inclusion de produit vidéo (toutes formes)]・Apply for “GREEN MIND 2022” lottery series code[ci-joint et spécifications (Home Ground édition limitée)]・ With sub-audio with band members ・ GREEN MIND 2022 photo book (planned 40p) ・ Mount Fuji postcard taken by Motohiro Hata ・ Relaxing UNITED ARROWS green label collaboration ・ Photo T-shirt ・ Open case specifications upper and lower sleeves

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