New York Mansion, ‘Extremely Thin’ Is a Hot Topic, and the Tragedy That Happened in ‘Ravit’… – Sirabee

The appearance of Hiromasa Yashiki, who appeared in “Ravit”, attracts attention. Some viewers commented, “I don’t remember the content of the show.”

new york mansion

Aired on 22″ Delight! (TBS Series) comedy duo New YorkYashiki HiromasaAttention is drawn to the appearance of

[Tweet]What is the public reaction to the mansion of intense loss?

■ “Yashiki-san” is in fashion

That day, as a new project, “New York turned into Japan’s most popular handsome artist! New project! New York Gentlemen!”

New York, which is a Thursday regular, responded to Yashiki’s “very thin” on the internet, and “Mr. Yashiki” is trending on Twitter.

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■ “I lost a lot of weight” “Cool”

When I checked Twitter, I was amazed at the transformation, saying, “New York Mansion has lost a lot of weight!” And interested voices continue to emerge.

Additionally, there was a comment that “Slim Mansion is too cool and I don’t remember the content of the show” due to the change.

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