NHK Morning Drama “Chimu Dondon” Mr. Yahagi (Kai Inowaki) Takes Back Store Viewers Are Relieved “Is It Appropriate” and “I Want To See Mr. Yahagi’s Story” – To Web Portal

  1. NHK morning drama “Chimu Dondon” Mr. Yahagi (Kai Inowaki) will take over the store Viewers are relieved “Is it appropriate?” “I want to see Mr. Yahagi’s story”To the web portal
  2. Yahagi (Umi Inowaki) will take over NHK’s morning drama “Chimudondon” in Tokyo! Audience cries “I feel like I’m growing as a person” “I’m happy~”sanspo
  3. The 120th episode of the continuous television novel “Chimu Dondon”. farewell party. Tarashima (Takashi Yamanaka) (C) NHK – Sponichi Annex EntertainmentAppendix Sponichi
  4. Kingo appears in the notice of “Chimdon”! The internet is also expected to MAX for the likeable characterTo the web portal
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