Public Opposition, Mobilization of Preparedness Russian President Summons 300,000 People – 7-Month Invasion on the 24th – Jiji Press News

  1. Public demonstration, prepared mobilization The Russian President summons 300,000 people – 7 months after the invasion of 24newsletter news
  2. [Russie]More and more people are going abroad… The price of plane tickets is soaringNTV NEWS
  3. Emergency inspection of Mr. Putin’s speech What is the risk of nuclear use of “partial mobilization”? |TV Tokyo BIZ (TV Tokyo Business On Demand)TV Tokyo BIZ
  4. “Evacuation” due to mobilization order Still full on flights from Russia (September 23, 2022)ANNnewsCH
  5. Flights from Russia are almost full after the announcement of a partial mobilization ordernewsletter news
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