Sauber announces F1 partnership with Audi[]

Sauber announces F1 partnership with Audi

Sauber seems to be about to make a big announcement. Alludes to a ‘historic announcement’ on the F1 team’s Twitter channel.

Alfa Romeo and Sauber F1 Team announced the end of their partnership at the end of 2023. It is no secret that Audi could take over the role from 2024 and take major control within the Swiss team.

Audi has already said it will enter F1 as an engine supplier from 2026 and then announce which teams it will partner with.

Sauber, who is still working as an Alfa Romeo F1 team, hinted at the announcement on his Twitter channel.

“We’ll update you soon,” the social media account said. Caption and photo from September 27, 2022. This will be the Tuesday before the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

The hashtag seems to point to a partnership announcement with Audi. The #KeepMakingHistory hashtag doesn’t just mean driver announcements or new cars.

Rumors are mounting that Audi intends to buy a 75% stake in the Hinnville-based Sauber F1 team, turning it into a factory team.

Ahead of the announcement of which Formula 1 team it will partner with or supply, Audi has begun to develop its F1 power unit, already employing 120 people at its new factory in Neuburg, run by former engineer Cosworth and BMW Adam Baker.

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