Shohei Ohtani, the enemy of reaching the W standard is the “weather” Rain forecast with a temperature of 9 degrees, if canceled, the number of remaining slots will decrease? | Full count

14 innings pitched, 4K over 200 strikeouts on the season

On the 23rd (Japan time on the 24th), Angels pitcher Shohei Otani will start the Twins’ game against enemy ground, aiming for his 14th win of the season. Pitched after leaving 5 days. 14 innings until the first regular major league pitching inning. Attention is also on his 200th strikeout of the season, which is approaching four more, but it looks like it will be a mound that demands a high level of responsiveness.

Target Field, home of the Twins, will be the first field in the major’s fifth year. Besides facing unfamiliar mounds, the first concern is the weather. Showers are expected in the morning, with a maximum temperature of 13°C and a minimum temperature of 9°C. On the 22nd (the 23rd), the temperature difference between Arlington, TX, which had a high of 36 degrees and a low of 21 degrees, was a high of 27 degrees.

Humidity is also a concern. It’s a night game starting at 7:10 p.m. local time, and the humidity is expected to be 90%. Although not “hot and humid”, which would be beans’ biggest enemy, it is an environment that easily softens the skin. He didn’t seem to care about the bullpen toss that day, but it seems necessary to deal with the right middle finger blister this time around as well.

If the 23 (24) game is temporarily called off, the hurdles to hitting regular pitch times approaching 14 times will be higher. After the next pitching, we plan to play Hometown Athletics on 29th (same day 30th) and Enemy Land Athletics on October 5th (same day 6th), but it is impossible to plan 5 days apart. It is possible that the remaining 3 slots will be 2 slots, and the possibility of launching in 4 days will present itself.

That day, acting manager Nevin said, “The rain is pouring down. Ohtani, what kind of judgment will acting director Nevin make?

[Vidéo réelle]Shohei Otani adjusts with the bullpen for tomorrow’s pitch without feeling the influence of the bean

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