Ureshino Onsen Station to Attract Tourists ‘Bus Station’ Opens in Front of Station | NHK Saga Prefecture News

Along with the opening of the Nishikyushu Shinkansen, a city-run roadside station will open in front of Ureshino Onsen Station in Ureshino City, and we will focus on providing information to tourists.

In front of Ureshino Onsen Station, a memorial ceremony was held on the 23rd for the opening of the Shinkansen, and a Japanese drum performance was performed by local high school students.

At the ceremony, Ureshino City Mayor Daisuke Murakami said, “The opening of the Shinkansen is not the terminal station. The next 100 years will begin. Ureshino would prosper as a major base for travel in western Kyushu. Ureshino. Ureshino City has an interesting future. Let’s create something joyful together.

Along with the opening of the station, the municipal bus station “Ureshino Maruku” opened at the west exit of the station.

A tourist information center will be set up at the bus station to introduce the unique attractions of Ureshino Town, such as hot springs and tea plantations, as well as the sights of surrounding municipalities, and we will focus on the dissemination of information.

The facility also has a corner where you can have a virtual experience of famous places in the city wearing VR (virtual reality) glasses.

A couple from Tokyo said: “I’ve been to Ureshino several times, but my impression changes when the Shinkansen stops. was talking.

Commemorative tickets will be sold at the bus station and a lottery will be organized to win local products.

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