[10/7 M League 2022-23 2nd match result]Takaharu Tai won the fierce battle with 18 kills and 13 shots! Tsuyoshi Kobayashi bounced back after holding 400 points to finish third! – Mahjong Watch

The 4th day of the Mahjong Pro League “Daiwa Securities M League 2022-23” was held on Friday, October 7th.

Match card of October 7 ©ABEMA
Comment:Kobayashi MisaComment:Nobuhiro Ishibashi©ABEMA

Article on the results of the first match

Players taking part in the second game

Players taking part in the second match ©ABEMA

East:Takai Takaharu

South:Shingo Hori

West:Gang Kobayashi

North:Rio Tojo

2nd game

Considering the traffic of Yishanten where you can see the three colors of Tampin three colors[八]

the Qi.

East 2 station 1 Honba Hori tiles ©ABEMA

A Kobayashi of the lower house[赤五]

Although cut, it is Tojo’s range statement tile[⑦]and 2900 additional points.

East 2 station 1 authentic Tojo tiles ©ABEMA
East Station 2 Station 1 Honba Hori Tanyao Red 1 2900 ©ABEMA

East 2 post 2 at home, Hori, who skillfully decides agari and continues to be the leader, reached in the 3rd round.

East 2 station 2 Honba Hori tiles ©ABEMA

Tojo catches up and Dora[②]

win the[3][6]Achieve while waiting.

East 2 station 2 authentic Tojo hand tiles ©ABEMA

Tai’s hand became difficult after receiving a two-door reach, and he chased after Suji.[三]


Hori’s 3900 was decided with a card on the back.

East 2nd station 2nd hand of Honba Tai ©ABEMA
East 2 station 2 Honba Hori Reach/Back 1 3900 ©ABEMA

Tai is engaged in the East 2 station 3 house[三]

Preventive range with expectation.

Tanyao, Red 1 and Dora 2’s E-Shanten, Toujou pushed back, but Tai was the one holding the line.

It became 1000-2000 Agari.

East 2 Stations 3 Honba Tai Reach Tsumo Dora 1 1000/2000 ©ABEMA

East 3 stations, Tojo[1]

[4]Reach Red 1 and Dora 1 while waiting.

Main tile Tojo station 3 East ©ABEMA

Kobayashi, the parent number in the same order[6]

[9]Wait for me, Tenpai. Ditch just before[9]I hit and get a chip given the possibility of losing a pair.

Kobayashi Tile 3rd East Station ©ABEMA

From the ditch as planned[9]

was hit and became Kobayashi’s 1500 Agari.

East 3rd station Main d’Hori ©ABEMA
Station 3 East Kobayashi Pinfu 1500 ©ABEMA

East 3 station 1 home, in the 5th round, Tai is Pinhu Dora 1’s tenpai.[一]

[四]Achieve while waiting.

East 3 Station 1 Main of Honba Tai ©ABEMA

In response, Hori tries to push back.

at Dora’s[三]

can be called, and it is also Tai’s actual product[5][8]3900 tenpai arrive waiting.

East 3 station 1 Honba Hori tile ©ABEMA

Tai is the winner here.ditch[一]

Caught and released the gun, and stood on top by a narrow margin with 8000 Agari.

East 3 Stations 1 Honba Tai Reach/Pinfu/Dora 1/Return 1 8000 ©ABEMA

In the East 4 station, Tojo, the parent number, attacks with range.

As if to show first position in win rate last season[⑤]

Tsumo, and becomes Agari with 1300 oars.

East 4 Tojo Station Reach Tsumo 1300 All ©ABEMA

East 4 station 1 home, Hori’s preemptive reach enters all bargain tiles. Wait is[③]

[⑥][⑨]3 sides.

East 4 station 1 Honba Hori tiles ©ABEMA

Tai catches up,[⑤]

[⑧]I will wait and go out to fight.

East 4 Stations 1 Main of Honba Tai ©ABEMA

Upon receiving this, Kobayashi is stuck. Tai’s actual product[⑨]

was cut and the cannon was dropped into the moat.

With a card on the back, it was 8000 Agari, and once again Hori popped a head.

Handmade tiles from Kobayashi, East 4 station 1 home ©ABEMA
East 4 Stations 1 Honba Hori Reach, Pinf, Red 1, Back 1 8000 ©ABEMA

In the South 1 station 1 house, Tai, the parent number, is a seven-pair tenpai.

South 1st Station 1 Main of Honba Tai ©ABEMA

from the ditch[南]

was threatened, but[中]Avoid shooting with anko drop.

South 1 station 1 Main of Honba Hori ©ABEMA

Immediately after Kobayashi[南]

is caught and released.

It became 4800 Agari of Tai.

South 1 Station 1 Honba Tai Litter 7 Pairs 4800 ©ABEMA

The South 1 station 2 house also belongs to parent Tai.

was gone[六]

Repeatedly reach seven pairs again.

South 1st Station 2 Main of Honba Tai ©ABEMA

Kobayashi again[東]

4 consecutive shots of regret that caught.

Tai scored a 9600 Agari to take the lead.

Minami 1st station 2 Honba Kobayashi hand tiles ©ABEMA
South 1st Station 2 Honba Tai Reach/Seven Pairs/Red 1 ©ABEMA

South Station 2, good deal of tiles that allow to see 456 three colors in the moats of the parent number.

vital point[⑤]

When you scream from Tai[4][四]Add 12,000 tenpai.

2nd South Main d’Hori station ©ABEMA
2nd South Main d’Hori station ©ABEMA

However, Tai, who had put the tenpai in the mace, was in the ditch.[八]

and scored 2000 points.

South 2nd Bureau Duojing ピンフ・One Cup 2000 ©ABEMA

Kobayashi’s gimmick, which has continued to have a difficult development so far, shines in the 3 Southern stations.

I kinda want to add points, looking at Sei Isshiki and Tanyao[⑤]

the Qi.

Kobayashi South Station 3 Main ©ABEMA

Hori was the one waiting. Reaching with Honitsu’s big hands and seven pair.

South Station 3rd Main of Hori ©ABEMA

Kobayashi finished this station with Tanyao.[4]

and connected hope with 2900 Agari.

South Station 3 Kobayashi Tanyao Dora 1 2900 ©ABEMA

South 3 station 2 home, parent number Kobayashi in the 11th round[4]

[三]Tenpai is waiting for the champagne.

Although the appearance of the tiles is often changed, it is not a trick that should wait for a change, so it is a quick range.

South 3 station 2 hand tiles Honba Kobayashi ©ABEMA

Tenpai also enters Toujou. Determined to collide with parents,[②]

[⑤]Wait and reach.

South 3 station 2 authentic Tojo tiles ©ABEMA

There are many people waiting for Kobayashi on the mountain, and in the final stage[三]


He became Agari of 4000 all and won 2nd place all at once.

South 3 Station 2 Honba Kobayashi Leach, Tsumo, Tanyao, Red 4000 All ©ABEMA

South 3 station 3 home, Kobayashi again with a light gimmick to take the lead.

because it’s sung[九]

can only be lifted.

South 3rd Station 3rd Honba Kobayashi Hand Tiles ©ABEMA

Dora that Kobayashi took out in Tenpai[四]

The gap is pong.

South 3 station 3 Tiles of Honba Hori ©ABEMA


A full tenpai enters the moat.


is Kobayashi’s winning tile.

It was thought that Kobayashi had been shot, but upon reflection[六]

avoid cutting.

South 3 station 3 Tiles of Honba Hori ©ABEMA

Immediately after Kobayashi[中]

Agari in the moat. With 8000 more points, he is closing in on Tai at the top.

South 3 Stations 3 Honba Hori Middle Dora 3 8000 ©ABEMA

Auras and Hori jumped to the top, Tai and Tojo were the boss, and Kobayashi was 3,200 points behind Tojo.

When the discarded tiles were about to reach the third row, Kobayashi got seven pairs.[発]

Tenpai waiting for a single horse.

Hand tile of Auras Kobayashi ©ABEMA

When you reach the reach, in one shot[発]

and managed to climb to 3rd place with 2000/4000 Agari.

Aurus Kobayashi Reach/Ippatsu/Tsumo/Seven Pairs 2000/4000 ©ABEMA

It was Tai who won the long battle of 19 stations.

I brought a happy top to ABEMAS.

Tai, the best performer in the second match ©ABEMA

2nd game result
1 multiwell (ABEMAS)+57.5
2nd Hori (Sakura Knights) +7.3
3rd Kobayashi (Pirates)▲18.0
4th Tojo (Phoenix) -46.8

Score transition graph ©ABEMA
Detailed results of the second match ©ABEMA

October 7Total daily result

Sakura Knights (1st Uchikawa, 2nd Hori) +86.9
ABEMAS (3rd Shiratori, 1st Tai) +32.1
Pirates (2 by Nakabayashi, 3 by Kobayashi)▲7.8
Phoenix (Kayamori 4th, Tojo 4th) ▲111.2

Sakura Knights managed to add a big point, and ABEMAS also consistently added points and finished the first week in the high ranks. The pirates had signs of a tough fight, but they persevered. Phoenix had a tough day with a 4th straight finish.

The four teams are now complete. The only player who has yet to participate is Katsumata from Furinkazan.

Total ranking after the second match ©ABEMA
Match card of October 10 ©ABEMA
Individual scores at the end of October 7

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