Cooperative Survival Shooter “Sker Ritual” Begins Early Access – Horror ADV “Maid of Sker” Spiritual Successor (Game Spark)

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This Job is a turn-based survival horror FPS that can be played cooperatively by up to four people. It is a spiritual successor to the first-person horror ADV “Maid of Sker” which is set in the UK and released in 2020. The goal is to survive alone or with up to 4 people working together among the “Quiet Ones” attacking supernatural beings. Earn Miracle Drops by downing enemies with wacky steampunk weapons, and choose one of three upgradable powers to hone your shooting, melee, grenade, and healing abilities. Also, since there is a “smiling police officer” on each map, you can stock up on weapons and ammo there. As a cosmetic, you can also collect different shapes of masks and act uniquely. About Early Access The Early Access period is scheduled until Q1 2023, and the goal is to release at least four maps in the production version and include a brand new reward system with unique items. Additionally, the price may be revised upon official release, and it looks like details will be announced during Early Access. The cooperative survival shooter “Sker Ritual”, where up to 4 people can survive supernatural beings, is in early access for PC (Steam). It’s 1,368 yen, 10% off until October 14.

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