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Hironaka announcer who seems not to leave the company

Asahi TelevisionAyaka HironakaAnna (31) announced her marriage on September 30. The other party is said to be an “ordinary person”, but the chairman of Progrit Co., Ltd., which develops English coaching services.Shogo Okadawas Mr. (31). The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange the day before the wedding announcement, and Mr. Okada’s assets are said to be 1.5 billion yen.

[Photo]Anna Hironaka in a miniskirt, sandals and tight t-shirt. In addition, the same character walking with 1 Ok Toru about 50 cm away, Mr. Okada, who is married, the video smile sent to the partner when he was a student, and Dorami-chan.

On October 4, President Hiroshi Hayakawa, who attended a regular press conference on TV Asahi, mentioned Anna Hironaka’s marriage. “I received a greeting from him earlier. He seems like a wonderful partner and I want to congratulate him from the bottom of my heart on his marriage. He said he wanted me to watch over him warmly, so I would like to look down on him warmly,” he said with a broken face. Taku Shimamoto, an entertainment reporter who knows female anchors well, takes the floor.

“It is unusual for the President to mention the marriage of a staff member during a press conference.

Anna Hironaka, who joined the company in 2013, said in her first year,music stationwas selected as the sub-MC for ”, and is currently working on ”I Bring Geki Rare-san” and ”Nobu Naka Nanana? ‘, ‘What’s wrong with being innocent? 』Regular appearance. In the “Favorite Female Announcer Ranking” (Oricon Survey), she has won three consecutive victories since 2019, and is no longer an enemy. Mr. Shimamoto sees that he won’t let go of his position as the “strongest station announcer” as he finally whispers that he will become a freelancer with this marriage.

“I received special treatment within the station, such as publishing essays and photo books. TV Asahi’s announcers had a strong image of orthodoxy, but Hironaka’s announcer created diversity. As a station, you should never want to let go Hironaka’s marriage to Mr. Okada also prepared an economic foundation, I’m not in a situation where I need money.

 Anna HironakaIn October 2020, she publishes a women’s fashion magazine “withWhen I was selected for the “My First Award” of the “withOL Grand Prize” selected by ]I received the following comment.

“After all, I think the real fun of working for a company is getting involved in a big job that you can’t do alone. Because you can have different relationships within the company , it’s easy to achieve what you want to do . thinking “I have to work” is going to make my life as an office worker more fun.”

“Hironaka Musou” on TV Asahi should continue.

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