Link side: Shoma Uno “Impressed by Marinin-kun” Japan Open Figure – Mainichi Shimbun – Mainichi Shimbun

  1. Link side: Shoma Uno “Stimulation from Marinin-kun” Figure Japan Open-Mainichi ShimbunMainichi Shimbun
  2. [Figure]Shoma Uno, 17, Marinin, four-time first-time winner, “I’m happy and I think I can do my best this year.”nikkan sport
  3. [Fraîchement pris]Amazing quadruple accelerator barrage! The day before Ilya Malinin’s training | Japan Open 2022tv tokyo sports
  4. [Figure]Amazing quadruple accelerator!Train the day before by Ilia Marinin | Japan Open 2022 | TV Tokyo Sports: TV Tokyotv tokyo
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