Lotte Announces Appointment of Rihito Yoshii as 1st Army Director ‘I’m Just Surprised’ ‘I’m Firm’ | Full Count

Batting coach Kazuya Fukuura becomes head coach and batting coach

Lotte announced on the 7th that Rihito Yoshii had been named the Army’s first manager next season. Mr. Yoshii has been Lotte’s pitching coach since 2019 and has served as “pitching coordinator” this season.

Through the team, Mr Yoshii said: “I’m just surprised at the request for the date. So far I’ve studied as a coach, but from now on I I will be able to be in charge of the whole Basically, I want to increase player performance and improve human power. And finally, I will aim to win and stand on the big stage in October,” commented.

He also worked hard to develop pitcher Aki Sasaki, who won 1st place in the 2019 draft. This season ended in class B for the first time in three years and manager Tadahito Iguchi resigned after five years at the the head. Mr. Yoshii, who has a lot of experience in Japan and the United States during his playing days and has a wealth of coaching experience, was entrusted with the reconstruction.

It was also announced that Kazuya Fukuura would be appointed as the head coach and hitting coach of the 1st Army.

○Masato Yoshii
Born April 20, 1965. Born in Wakayama Prefecture. Joined Kintetsu in 2nd place in the 1983 draft from Minoshima High School. In 1988, he won the title of best relief pitcher as a waiting pitcher. In 1995 he was traded to Yakult. In 1997 he was traded to the American Major League Mets as a free agent. After that he played for the Rockies and the Expos. Return to Japan in 2003 with Orix. Played for Lotte in 2007 and retired. After his retirement, he worked as a pitching coach at Nippon-Ham and Softbank, and since 2019 he has been a pitching coach at Lotte. He has been pitching coordinator for Lotte since 2010 and pitching coach for Samurai Japan Top Team since last year.

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