“Okayama ramen shop” popular ranking TOP20! No. 1 is “Chinese Soba Yamafuji Honcho Store”[Évaluation au 5 octobre 2022 / Base de données Ramen](1/7) |

Japan’s largest ramen information site featuring ramen shops in various areas”ramen databasepublishes a ranking of ramen shops based on user reviews. This time, among them,Rating as of October 5, 2022 Ramen Restaurants in Okayama Prefecture“Presentation of the classification.

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No. 2: Tenjin soba

The second location is “Tenjin Soba” in Okayama City. A popular, long-established restaurant that sells a rich chicken-based soup. Many fans come from all over the country for the shop’s nostalgic atmosphere and nostalgic taste. The menu is limited to Tenjin soba and you can choose options such as large portions and eggs. Each option has a designated number and is ordered by that number.

The soup has a strong soy sauce flavor. The umami of the fat and the spiciness of the soy sauce are effective, and you can drink it all the way. Toppings include lots of char siu pork, kamaboko (fish cake) and scallions, making this a very hearty dish.

No. 1: Chuka Soba Yamafuji Honmachi Branch

The first place was “Chinese Soba Yamafuji Honmachi” in Okayama City. A popular restaurant serving local Okayama ramen. Rich tonkotsu soy sauce soup and smooth semi-thin straight noodles create traditional Okayama ramen.

All menus such as “Negi Chuka”, “Bean Sprouts Chuka” and “Char Siu Chuka” are based on “Chuka Soba”. There is also a rare menu item called “Tempura Chinese” topped with tempura geso.

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