October 18 Announcement of the members who will perform in the show where they can express themselves

EverytimeSKE48Thank you very much for your support.

I told you yesterdaytenmoon18We are pleased to inform you that the actors of the experimental performance where we can talk while holding hands have been chosen.

*Please note that the event may be canceled depending on the infection situation in the future.

tenmoon18Implementation test of a performance where we can talk while holding hands6:30 p.m.Begin

Actors: Kimie Akahori, Kaede Korahime, Yuzuki Ishiguro, Yuuki Otani, Ayuka Uemura, Nanami Takeuchi, Rika Tsuzuki, Miyu Nakasaka, Shiori Aoki, Ayaka Okamoto, Fuyuka Fujimoto, Danka Aikawa, Reina Ida, Anmi Kurashima, Rena Suzuki, Akari Suda

*The recruitment schedule will be announced as soon as it is decided.

This performance will stand as a performance that can be expressed in accordance with the new guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus infections from the government and local governments.

Please verify the following information before applying.

■ Countermeasures for performances where voices are allowed

Harmonization is limited only when performing songs.

admission number50%less than, forward and backward, left and right1Empty seats and standing area1mMake sure the stage and public interval2mMake sure the interval of

Ventilation takes place by opening the theater door. Additionally, there will be time for ventilation during the performance.

Visitors wear non-woven fabric masks.

Visitors must have a vaccination certificate (vaccination certificate, vaccination certificate and vaccination book), or enter3Use of specimens collected the day beforePCRPresentation of proof of test results, etc.

■ Post-performance measures

Clients who came to the vocal performance on the day of the performance0like the day5If you test positive for the novel coronavirus infection within a day, please contact us at the email address below for your cooperation.

■ Precautions

If you fail to comply with the above, we will refuse you admission.

Depending on the government, local government (Aichi Prefecture) and social conditions, the details of the operation may change in the future, so we will implement it according to the operation changed appropriately.

・Please complete the medical questionnaire at the front desk on the day. The questionnaire will be given to you at the theatre.

・Please take your own temperature before coming to the site.

・Temperature will be measured at the entrance.37.5 If you have a temperature above 10 degrees or if you do not cooperate with the temperature measurement, we will refuse you admission. In addition, the temperature measurement will be judged by the thermometer prepared by the management. the figure on the thermometer37.5If you show more than the degree, we will refuse admission for any reason.

Those who do not meet the admission requirements listed below may be denied same-day entry.

before the performance 2Those who have traveled abroad in the past week and are unable to prove a negative result

(2) 37.5Those with a fever of ℃ or higher, those with severe intoxication, or those with symptoms such as cough, fatigue, runny nose, headache, vomiting, and impaired sense of smell and taste.

If you have a family member suspected of being infected

Those who cannot retain personal information

・In the theater, you will wear a non-woven mask as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

・Please note that personal information collected at the time of purchase may be shared with administrative agencies. .

・New coronavirus contact confirmation app(COCOA) Please install in advance and run the application before the performance.

・If you do not follow the manager’s instructions, you may be asked to leave.

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