The depth of Tomomi Kahara’s ‘divorce turmoil’… Her husband’s ‘evicted apartment’ case that people around her knew about and the ‘It doesn’t matter when you get divorced’ remarks | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

The depth of

 singertalented inTomomi Kahara(48) of “divorceuproar” causes ripples.

The trigger was Kahara’s husband, reported by “Weekly Bunshun”.entertainment desk“Tengen”PresidentIt’s a hint of a secret divorce with Mr. Kyoyo Ohno.

According to the article, Kahara and Mr. Ohno are divorced and Mr. Ohno is already living in another apartment.

An entertainment reporter explains.

“Mr. Kahara and Mr. Ohno were married in August 2020. In the same month, they announced the end of their contract with Ogi Productions, to which they belonged, and transferred to Dengen, which is managed by Mr. Ohno, in January.The couple announced their engagement in August.

The two had promoted their neglect on social media, but in May this year Shukan Bunshun reported that Mr Ohno had an ex-wife and there were serious suspicions of domestic abuse against her.

After that, on Kahara’s SNS, posts criticizing Ohno and “love love” posts such as photos of the two kissing will be repeated intermittently.

However, in September this year, Kahara announced that she had canceled her contract with Dengen and set up her own agency, Office Kahara.

Many people have wondered what the relationship between the two is currently like, so the people around them are in turmoil after receiving this report.

In a direct interview with “Weekly Bunshun,” Kahara replied, “I’m not (divorced).”

Only the people themselves know the truth, but someone in the entertainment industry who knows Mr. Ohno well reveals the behind-the-scenes story.

“In fact, I heard that the relationship between the two was unstable even before the DV news was released. Sometimes they love each other, but other times they argue because of the anger of Kahara-san, and this kind of situation continues for a long time.

Mr. Ohno began living together by moving into an apartment owned by Mr. Kahara, but he appears to have been evicted by Mr. Kahara long before the news broke. “I have to rent a new room,” he muttered.

However, Mr. Ohno was Mr. Ohno, and he berated people around him saying, “I don’t care when I get divorced. Maybe he didn’t hesitate so much when he left the house.”

The dissonance between the two had been playing out since before DV’s allegations were reported. It may have been a marriage far from being able to proudly say “I BELIEVE”.

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