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In the batting final, where the athletics boat “just tried to have fun”…

3-2 Angels Athletics (6th time in Japan, Oakland)

During the last turn at bat of a player who has decided to retire, if a player with a batting average of 10% hits an unexpected home run… Players who have demonstrated a “fairy tale” too awesome bring together awesome voices. Athletics receiver Steven Boat did not declare his retirement for this season until September and started the final game against the Angels on October 5 (6th time Japan) as the “No. 5 receiver”. He hit a home run in seven at bats and retired the next inning. Became the player who hit a home run in the major batting final.

The ball hit from the left at bat disappeared near the post in right field, and Boat, who circled first base, couldn’t stop laughing. With a smile on his face, he circled the diamond, and when he survived to home plate, he received a rough blessing from his teammates. Even the commentators burst out laughing, “Hahahaha~”. Boat’s record for the season is finally a .161 batting average.

Local athletics broadcaster “NBC Sports California” featured Boat’s voice after the game on the official Twitter. “When I go to bat, knowing this is really the last play in a major league ballpark, I just thought, ‘I’m going to have fun. I’m ready to hit.’ I played and hoped a ball that I could carry far would come in time.

He added: “What a great day, I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled. You’ve made it so much for me and my family. Oh my God… What a day, what a game. No rush until round seven. “I can’t think of a scenario like this, being the catcher in a game and hitting a home run in the last at bat.” Boat made his major league debut with the Rays in 2012, which making it his 12th year. 239 batting average in 794 games.

Angels manager Phil Nevin himself said, “Congratulations to Stephen Boat. What a wonderful end to a wonderful career and a wonderful human being. I want to congratulate him.” The stadium was filled with hot air.

[Vidéo actuelle]Like a fairy tale? I can’t help but laugh at the story which is too beautiful… Boat’s last at-bat which hit a home run

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