Yuko Oshima: “I Cut It Short” Short Bob Makeover While Pregnant With First Child, Attended Remote Saluting Movie Scene-Everyday Kirei

  1. Yuko Oshima: “I cut it short” short bob makeover Pregnant with first child, attending movie scene waving from a distancebeautiful every day
  2. Yuko Oshima, first event after pregnancy announcement “Bassari” short and energetic appearance Glad to reunite with Fumino Kimura & Nanao and other actors “Seven Secrets THE MOVIE” first day stage greetingoricon
  3. Nanao・The selection criterion is “if you can make yourself happy”|UtopiUtopia
  4. Fumino Kimura Responds to Nanao & Yuko Oshima’s “Forbidden” Snow Game Episode “Stop it!”oricon
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