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[Calendrier de diffusion de la série Professional Baseball Climax 2022]Introducing the second leg of the Pacific League first leg, Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs. Saitama Seibu Lions TV broadcast and online distribution schedule.

The 2022 Professional Baseball Climax Series (CS) season kicks off on Saturday, October 8.

In the Pacific League, the 2nd-ranked Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks in the regular season and the 3rd-ranked Saitama Seibu Lions will face off in the first leg.

In this article, we will outline the match schedule, broadcast/cast schedule, and advance starters for the first leg of the Pacific League Climax Round 2 series.

Pacific League CS Round 2|Schedule/Start Time/Venue

  • Schedule of matches: Sunday October 9, 2022 2:00 p.m.
  • Match card: Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks (Pa League 2nd) vs Saitama Seibu Lions (Pa League 3rd)
  • Venue: Fukuoka PayPay Dome

Pacific League CS Round 2 | Release and distribution schedule for Softbank vs Seibu

Climax Series (Pacific League) First Stage Round 2, Softbank vs Seibu’s TV broadcast and internet broadcast schedule is as follows.

On the Internet ” DAZN “Where” baseball live etc will broadcast all Softbank vs Seibu first leg matches live.

* Broadcast schedule is subject to change

Pacific League CS Round 2 | Softbank vs Seibu Review Starting Lineup

  • Softbank: Higashihamakyo[saison 2022 : 10 victoires, 6 défaites | ERA 3.11]
  • Seibu: Tatsuya Imai[saison 2022 : 5 victoires et 1 défaite | MPM 2,41]

Pacific League CS First Stage | Results to date

  • Round 1: Softbank 5-3 Seibu

Softbank decided to advance to the final stage with victory in the second round. In case of a tie or Seibu’s victory, the third round will take place on October 10.

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