City Council Protests Kindergarten Closure Procedure Tokyo Koganei Mayor Resigns | NHK

Shinichiro Nishioka, the mayor of Koganei City, Tokyo, said on the 7th that he had received opposition from the city council on the procedure for closing some public kindergartens, and said, “It has caused confusion in the council and caused anxiety in the municipal administration.” I offered and agreed to resign.
I plan to resign on the 14th of this month.

In the city of Koganei, discussions are underway to review the operation of public kindergartens due to factors such as the decrease in the number of children on waiting lists. To do this, a draft amendment to the ordinance has been tabled in order to reduce the number of places.

On this, the parliamentary committee continued to examine it, but Mayor Nishioka took decisive action on the 29th of last month, saying that he had exhausted the explanation, so that ordinances could be made without a vote of parliament. .

A bill seeking approval was tabled in the city council on the 7th for this final provision, but council member after council opposed it saying, “Coordination with council is insufficient” and it was not approved by the majority.

In response, Mayor Nishioka submitted a resignation to the president, was accepted by the assembly and is expected to step down on the 14th of this month.

After the assembly, Mayor Nishioka said, “I confused the assembly and caused anxiety in the city administration. I decided that I had to show my political responsibility by resigning.

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