Daniel Ricciardo rules out Haas/Williams move for 2023 F1 season[F1-Gate.com]

Daniel Ricciardo rules out Haas/Williams move for 2023 F1 season

Daniel Ricciardo has confirmed for the first time that he will not be on the F1 grid in 2023 after leaving McLaren following the end of the recent season.

Daniel Ricciardo had no strong link with the available seats but confirmed on Saturday he would not be driving next season after Alpine F1 Team announced the signing of Pierre Gasly.

Williams and Haas F1 Team still have two seats. As for Williams, Logan Sargent should take his place if he gets a super license for the F2 final in Abu Dhabi. Nico Hulkenberg and Antonio Giovinazzi are the main contenders for Haas F1 Team, with Hulkenberg appearing to be the main driver candidate.

Daniel Ricciardo’s interest turned a few weeks ago to a possible sabbatical and a possible contract with a top team (Mercedes) as a potential reserve driver.

However, we have had discussions with Mercedes, but it is understood that he will no longer take on the role of reserve driver.

“I was aware of the news regarding Gasly,” Daniel Ricciardo said when asked if Gasly’s announcement affected his hopes.

“I knew they had been talking for a while and I knew they were very interested in Pierre. Let’s just say I was ready. No surprises.”

“We were trying to get around that and figure out what would happen next, but I think the reality now is that we won’t be on the grid in 2023.”

“We’re now trying to get it in place for 2024, and I think maybe we’ll have a better opportunity then, so that’s really all we have to announce and what we’re aiming for at the moment.”

Asked about the possibility of trying a series like NASCAR next year, Daniel Ricciardo stressed that he would like to stay focused on F1 even when he is not racing.

“Of course, the plan is still to get involved in Formula 1. As far as my Formula 1 career is concerned, I think it’s a bit of a break. The intention is 2024.”

“I’m sure it will open up opportunities for me to do some of these things, but if I feel like it’s deviating from my goals, I’ll say that’s not where I’m looking, it wouldn’t be fun or cool to compete somewhere else.”

“The truth is that mentally I’m not there yet. I’m still very attached to Formula 1 and I think it will probably work out if I get up from my seat a bit.”

“So instead of jumping into something else and trying to occupy themselves in another category, maybe they’ll try to use it. Convincingly enough, it’s everywhere else. It’s not going to happen. ”

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